Like aunt, like niece

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It’s not uncommon to – even involuntarily – compare your kids to their parents. Is she more like Mom or more like Dad? When it comes to Breanna though, she has a habit that always reminds me of my sister which is funny since they don’t see each other very often due to Geography so it’s not something that she picked up from her aunt.

When Amanda was younger and going to school I vividly remember that my mother had a particular way of packing her lunch on certain days. My sister loved a ham and cheese sandwich. However, she didn’t care for it as an actual sandwich. My mom would pack a couple of slices of buttered bread, a few slices of deli ham, and a slice of cheese. All the pieces you need to make a ham and cheese sandwich, but they had to be packed separately.

Once it was lunch time, Amanda would then eat the individual pieces of her non-sandwich and she loved it. God forbid you actually built the sandwich for her though, because then she lost interest. It was a funny quirk and from what I remember it was only that particular sandwich that had to remain disassembled. Also, as far as I know she now eats all her sandwiches as actual, you know, sandwiches.

Fast forward many years (not too many, we’re not THAT old. Much. Yet.) and here we have Breanna. Breanna loves when we order Chinese food although in truth she mostly only wants the egg rolls. She’ll eat a few bites of other random things but the egg rolls are the main attraction and she’s been known to devour many of them in one sitting and then eat the leftovers for breakfast. I know.

Last night she wanted us to order Chinese but to be more budget-friendly we bought a box of frozen egg rolls and I just made those with some rice and vegetables. That was just as good as far as Breanna was concerned – more egg rolls for her!

Regardless of whether it’s take-out or frozen egg rolls, Breanna has a particular way of eating them. She won’t pick them up and eat them like your average person will. She bites the end off and then she essentially peels it. As she goes on through her meal she will eat the battered “peel” of the egg roll and then she eats the inside.

Essentially she’s eating the entire egg roll in one sitting, just not in one piece. It’s weird to me but she likes it that way and she doesn’t waste any of the food so I can’t complain. However, as I watched her eat one at lunch today it struck me that she’s just like my sister in that way, at least at a young age.

Kids are peculiar beings. I wonder if she’ll eat them that way forever or if she’ll eventually eat the whole thing at once.

(Then again I used to nibble the cheese off of my cheesies before eating the middle so what can I say? Maybe my family just breeds strange eaters?)

Did you have any weird eating habits as a kid?

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7 thoughts on “Like aunt, like niece

  1. Cynthia

    Even now I will eat a 3 Musketeer bar by eating the chocolate covering first, then eat the nougat inside. 🙂

  2. Richard L Walker

    -/ order of eating: Least favorite foods to most favorite, one item at a time
    -/ pizza: First eat whole pieces, then, as you fill up, only eat the toppings

  3. Wim

    I think I still do have a couple of those, but getting oder, you hardly realise you’re still doing them.

    At home I’ll pick up a slice of pizza and eat it from my hand. At a restaurant with family around that’s not considered a decent thing to do so I’ll cut off a slice, cut pieces of the slice starting from the middle, to finish with the crust, then move on over to the next slice.

    Do you know Choco Prince cookies in Canada ? Basically they are two separate cookies ‘glued’ together with either a white or brown chocolate ‘filling’. I used to gently turn those cookies in different directions until they separated, then scrape off the chocolate filling with my teeth and eat that, just to finish off with the two cookies.

    Just 2 that spring to mind, I’m sure I have more but like I said, you don’t contiously think about such things much as the years progress.

  4. Andrea_R

    I do the exact same thing when I eat cheezies! People look at me weird…

    Emma the picky eater is also picky in how she eats. Before we got to the my-food-can’t-touch-on-the-plate it had to be completely separate. She’d eat potatoes off the plate, then when it was gone, she’d have meat.

  5. Kristyn

    I had so many of these as a kid. I would eat the tops off of Peanut Butter Twix bars and then eat the cookie, PB&J had to be in triangles and I would take them apeart, lick each side and then put it back together and eat it. I also would eat my veggie first and then my meat.

  6. Amanda

    That’s funny – I barely even remember eating ham and cheese sandwiches that way! I think I just really didn’t like the ham and cheese together, but I liked ham and I liked cheese, but just wanted them separated.

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