Long weekends are awesome

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I had such an amazing long weekend. In Canada, this weekend brings about Victoria Day which was Monday, so that made it a great three-day weekend. I’ve had good ones before but this one is certainly high up on the list.

On Friday I went to the fitness expo and race orientation at the World Trade Convention Center, then George and the girls picked me up. After a quick drive around the race route we went home and had a tasty BBQ which was an ideal way to kick off a long weekend if you ask me.

Saturday found me being a little productive, as I sorted through Breanna’s summer clothing and tossed a bunch of outgrown or stained clothes into a bag for donation. This was actually really good for me because it took my mind off any nerves I might have had. Hayley’s best friend from school came over for the day and for supper, then George’s cousin came over to watch a horror movie with us once the kids went to bed. I was worried that I’d be up too late but I was in bed by 11:15, and had a great pre-race sleep despite some jitters.

By morning my nerves had been replaced by excitement and, as I wrote on Sunday, I had a fantastic race. The day continued to be awesome afterwards; I cleaned up a bit, laid out in the sun with my bathing suit and my Kindle on the back deck, George’s other cousin came by for a couple of hours to hang out, and then our fantastic friends Patricia and Bruce came over for supper and to spend the evening with us. That was so much fun! I love when I get to spend time with them, they’re both amazing people and our visits often include tears from laughing too hard.

I got to bad a decent hour for a weekend and I’m glad I did because a) I was really tired by then, and b) we didn’t waste what ended up being a beautiful day. We packed up a picnic lunch, picked up Hayley’s friend, and we headed out to Crystal Crescent Beach for several hours. We had also told Breanna’s best friend where we were going so she asked her family if they could meet up with us. I wasn’t 100% sure if they would be there since no adults took part in confirming with each other but they arrived about two minutes after we had set ourselves up on the sand so Breanna was thrilled to play with her buddy at the beach.


waves breaking

Hayley and her bff

Breanna and her bff

The kids dug holes

George and Breanna

Also: Kids are crazy. Hayley and her friend ran into the water up to their ankles to fill up their buckets but Breanna and her friend went in just for the sake of playing in the ocean and they got pretty soaked. I stuck my feet in once. Trust me, it was cold.

The best part of the whole beach for me was when George looked out and noticed there was water breaking way out where there aren’t any rocks. That’s when we realized there were whales of some sort out there. After watching for a few minutes we actually saw tails, fins, and then giant bodies heaving themselves right up out of the water. They were too far out to photograph properly, but we were able to make them out just by looking. It was amazing and the first time I’ve ever seen that. They stuck around all day, still flipping around out there when we left. It was fun to know there were whales out there playing in the ocean and enjoying their day too.

Then again, everything about the beach/ocean is refreshing for me.

Unfortunately on the way home we spotted smoke and the further we drove the thicker and larger the smoke clouds got. I was wondering what in the heck was burning that hard and when I got home I found out it was a brush fire. Luckily it seemed to be brought under control pretty quickly courtesy of a lot of fabulous firefighters and a few helicopters dropping water on the flames. The Haligonia included the following picture that I took from the car in their story on the situation.


Right now I’ve hit that point where I’m blissfully wiped out. I’m not over-tired but I’m exhausted in that way that accompanies a day of sun and sand and surf. That’s the best kind of tired there is.

I think I’m pretty well refueled for the (short!) week ahead. I hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend too!

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