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Today was really interesting for me, being my first day on what I consider a “normal shift” at work. Today was my first day with a regular 10-6 shift instead of my evening 12:30-8:30 shift.

The old shift honestly wasn’t as horrible as I had originally anticipated but it just didn’t work for me. I saw the kids from 7:30 am until they went to school, roughly one hour later. By the time I came home Breanna was asleep (except Friday nights) and although Hayley was still awake 95% of the time she was still in bed and I wasn’t going to start a big long hang-out session with her.

Although I finished at 8:30 I couldn’t catch a bus that would get me home until 8:55 and by the time I got off at my stop it was almost 9:30. By the time I got in, got changed, made the lunches, and said good night to Hayley it was almost 10 pm. It was insane.

On top of that I didn’t have the luxury of sleeping in like some of the younger people on the same shift who don’t have kids yet; they would sleep until 10 or 11 am but I was up by 7:30 to get the kids ready for school and then had to get myself ready to leave by 11 so I had no time to go back to bed afterwards.

Today was different. I caught a bus at a little past 9 am and was downtown with plenty of time to get to my desk and get myself organized. I had my meal at a fairly decent time. Whereas I had been essentially eating supper at 4 in the afternoon I got to have a late lunch at 2 pm with the knowledge that I’d be eating supper with my family later on.

At 6 pm I quickly gathered my stuff together, cleaned off my desk, threw my coat on, and hopped across the street where I caught an express bus at about quarter past. By 6:30 I had used my phone to post the following to Facebook:

Left work half an hour ago, five minutes from home, Eminem cursing on my iPod, and it’s sunny & warm. Life is good on this new shift.

Then at 6:38 exactly (I checked), I walked in the front door, almost three full hours earlier than I used to get home. I changed out of my work clothes and then sat down to eat spaghetti and meatballs with salad with my family. The fact that I can do that is mind-blowing after six months of only eating with them on weekends.

I know that there may be the occasional night where I can’t get out right at 6 on the dot and will then have to wait a good 40 minutes for another bus to get me home but for the most part I shouldn’t have much trouble catching my express bus and getting home in 20 minutes.

This shift is what I’ve needed. I’d eaten supper, finished the dishes, made three lunches, and had a shower before I even would have been finished my shift a week ago. I’ve waited six months for this and I think it’s well worth the wait.

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