Making some cash at PayPerPost

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So by now, most people know that PayPerPost is a blog marketing service for sponsored posts about various services and goods.

this is a sponsored post

I’ve been using it since late last year, though I haven’t been as on top of it lately. However, that said I still made $160 from only 22 posts.

I don’t understand the backlash some people had because it was sponsored posting or advertising or whatever. If I suddenly started writing reviews for anything and everything I guess I could understand but I truly only write about things that I have an interest in or can support. It’s an easy way for me to make a few coins and I help out someone’s product or service by writing about it and linking to them. It works out well for both sides and if I manage to raise interest about something for some of my readers, all the better!

It’s not like I’m about to go shopping for a nice house with all my earnings, but it has helped to pay a little bill here or a little bill there and for that I am grateful and happy to do it. If you still haven’t signed up to write at PayPerPost – why the heck not?!

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