Meditation to help you fall asleep (when your brain won’t stop)

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I want to preface this with my official disclaimer: For the most part I am an excellent sleeper. I’m not very good about actually getting myself into bed; I’m usually up until at least midnight on work nights and when the weekend hits? Well, weekends are when I just might be up until 3 or 4 am for whatever reason. I’m just a night owl, and it’s pretty difficult for me to change myself into an early to bed, early to rise girl (I’m a late to bed, early to drag my sorry self off my mattress person).

However, once I finally manage to get myself into my bed I’m pretty much out like a light. I’ve always joked that if George needs to tell me something important and needs to have a discussion then it needs to be started before my head hits the pillow or there’s a good chance that it’s not going to happen. It’s not too often that insomnia strikes and keeps me tossing and turning. It DOES happen though.

Even more likely, I’ll fall asleep quickly but then I’ll wake up in the wee hours to use the washroom (I really should stop drinking so much water right before bed), and in the time it takes me to walk there and back my brain wakes up enough to tell me all the things I need to worry about. That’s when I find myself trying not to think about how little time I have left before I need to get up for the day and start telling myself to stop stressing over things that can’t be resolved at 4 am.

You’ve probably experienced it too. And you’ve probably tried really hard to stop over thinking anxieties and worries. It doesn’t usually work. The more you try to stop your brain, the harder it churns and the less likely you are to get the rest you so desperately need. When this happens to me, that’s exactly when I turn to this super easy and effective meditation.

Most nights when I have to use it, I’ll find myself not even making it all the way to the end because I just drift off half way through. And if that’s what happens to you, that’s absolutely okay. The goal is not to finish the meditation, the goal is to relax that tense part of your brain so you can sleep.

It’s definitely a much better way to spend your night than beating your fists on the mattress, wishing for sleep. Let me know if you try it!

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4 thoughts on “Meditation to help you fall asleep (when your brain won’t stop)

  1. Barbara

    Hi Sherry –

    Just have to say – I’ve been reading you since, oh gosh, since Haley was small. I love your life, your family, and your voice. You are the one that got me into yoga! 🙂

    Anyway I have to tell you that you’ve found your calling (or one of them anyway) doing these videos! You present as knowledgeable, confident, insightful, inspirational, and powerful. Your delivery is terrific, and I always come away knowing more than I did and with useful information that I put to immediate use.

    So thank you, rock on, and Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. Barbara

    Hi Sherry –

    Yes – I’ve used this technique for falling asleep since watching your video (just again last night as a matter of fact), as well as your breathing technique to ward off panic attacks. Years ago I was plagued by panic attacks (I’ve never felt anything so awful) and wish I’d known how to breathe then. Thankfully I seem to have outgrown them (or something – I’ve not had one in years) but I breathe like this when I’m upset or start to feel really stressed.

    It all works! So thank you again!

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