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I rushed home from work today to try to make it in time to see Breanna’s Christmas concert at school. The whole thing started at 6:30 and I got there at 6:40. Unfortunately for me, Breanna’s grade went on first, and I missed it. I got there just in time to see them walk off the stage. I could have cried. The only reason that I didn’t was because the gym was packed full of people and I didn’t want to do that in a public place.

I love my job, thank goodness, but sometimes it’s so hard to miss out on things. They only sang two songs but I wanted to be there. George filmed it with his phone but it’s not the same. I had called home as I was waiting for my bus and George told me that Breanna was so worried I wouldn’t come and I promised I’d be there. I had to tell her that I saw her; I told her I had arrived after she had started (truth) and that I stood in the doorway to the gym to watch so that I wouldn’t be walking in front of everyone else watching. I told her she did great. She was so happy. Meanwhile, my heart broke.

Luckily the whole group of Primary to grade two came out to sing a finale so I got to be there for that and clap, and take blurry cell phone pictures, but it just makes me sad.

Hayley’s concert is tomorrow and she’s singing AND playing violin. I really hope she’s not in the first group on stage so that I can be there to see her do everything.

This working parent shit is hard on the soul.

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