My top 5 crazy easy ways to prevent anxiety

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I’ve spent a long time fighting off anxiety but here are some very simple truths.

1. Preventing anxiety is easier and more effective than it is to let the anxiety happen and then try to get rid of it in the heat of the moment (although if it does sneak up on you then my favourite breathing technique works very well too).

2. If I let myself slip and I don’t use these preventive tactics regularly then the anxiety comes back and it comes back like a bitter ex.

Lately I’ve had some moments where the anxiety was creeping behind me at all times and I was so frustrated and annoyed that it was back after months and months of little to no anxiety at all. Then I realized I was not practicing my top five favourite ways to prevent it and that was why I was suffering from it all over again. These methods are so simple and easy, I can’t stress (no pun intended) enough how much I want you to try them out.

Check it out:

As promised, here are a couple of my favourite guided meditations that I like to follow when the accelerated heart rate gets to be too much, as well as a beautiful music- and visual-based non-guided meditation. I use these regularly.

Anti-anxiety meditation
Chakra meditation
Instrumental meditation (from my first yoga teacher, Dashama Konah)

I’m making a solid effort to keep these in my daily life again. I want the anxiety gone, and I want it gone NOW. (Right here, right now!)

Let me know how these work out for you, I’m sure they’ll benefit you tremendously if you find yourself caught up in the anxiety whirlpool. Leave me a comment either here, on the video, or over on Facebook. Tell me what works for you!

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11 thoughts on “My top 5 crazy easy ways to prevent anxiety

  1. April

    Sherry – LOVE your new blog and loved your video. I too suffer from anxiety in a tremendous way (as well as PTSD – maybe one feeds off the other). I have tried yoga and was very successful when I could afford a gym and had yoga companions. However, since my finances have changed and I was forced to do yoga alone at home, I am really struggling with motivation and inspiration. Maybe you have some thoughts on that.

    Also, at the advice of a therapist I recently started journaling (after many failed attempts to do so consistently in the past) and have found a new addiction that truly helps relieve my anxiety. getting things out in words often acts as a brain dump and my feelings don’t seem so scary on paper. What I do is different than traditional journaling. I don’t write in paragraphs at all. I write randomly and haphazardly on the page, sometimes adding photos or clippings from the news or magazines. I doodle in a leather bound notebook filled with scrapbooking cardstock. I use pens and crayons and watercolor pencils and this is a great way to relieve anxiety at the end or even the beginning of the day. It just gets things out there and once I close the book, I move on with my day, having left me fears and frustrations behind for a short time.

    Please keep posting videos – I LOVE your style and think you could really inspire so many people.


    1. sherina Post author

      Hi April! Thanks for your journal thoughts, I’m notoriously bad at keeping up with hand written journals but have been thinking of trying it again and this is really motivational for me!

      I think the key for at home yoga is to make it a regular habit and (to make that part easier) to find yoga videos – whether they’re DVDs or YouTube videos – that are fun for you. Not every DVD or video will work for you, find people with a style that works for you.

      This is a great idea for an in-depth blog post, I’ll have to think some more about this and write something up!

  2. Barbara

    Hi Sherry – I don’t do facebook so I’ll comment here – I’ve read your blog for years – since you were a new mama. : ) I love it. And now it’s better than ever. I used to suffer from panic attacks that had me rushing to the emergency room many times until they figured out what was going on (I felt like I was dying). Wish I’d had your videos then!

    You are such a dynamic presenter. Absolutely excellent. I love that you’ve fallen in love with yoga. I’m just starting to get into it, and all thanks to you – I’ve started with a round yoga mat (awesome) and Mandy Ingeber’s DVD Yogalosophy. After only the second time doing it I felt so wonderful I wondered why I hadn’t been doing it for years. Thank you for the inspiration!

    Your girls have a terrific role model in their mama. Thank you for everything – and for all these years of sharing your life via your blog.

    1. sherina Post author

      Barbara, I can’t even tell you how much this comment means to me! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had so many horrible panic attacks. They are awful things, but over time I’ve managed to learn ways to reduce their intensity and even ignore them altogether. I really hope you see the benefits from yoga quickly! Stay in touch, I’ll have more blog posts and videos like this in the future.

  3. Monique

    Hi Sherry!
    I used to comment on your JoliePittWatch blog as Noelle and was also following you on Chaos Theory. I really like the new look and focus of your blog! I was so surprised to learn that you suffer from panic and anxiety. I have severe panic disorder and when it’s at its worst I become house-bound and practically incapacitated by it. I used to fight taking medication and tried to curb the attacks through meditation and yoga, but my weight dropped down to 90lbs and I was barely surviving on 2-3 hours of sleep a night, so I had to give in. However, I still struggle with knowing that I’m taking something that alters my brain chemistry. Your blog gives me hope that through meditation and yoga, I can eventually wean myself off of the medication again and learn to keep it at bay. I think the trick is adopting those practices when I’m stable, instead of using them as a panacea when it’s too late. As you know, panic and anxiety are very isolating and there is great relief in knowing that you are not alone and that someone else out there understands. Even though my fiance has been with me through many severe panic attacks, he will still never know how awful it feels. Thank you for opening up about such a personal topic. I truly admire your strength.

  4. Patty

    Thank you for this! I struggle daily with anxiety and recurring panic attacks. I do have a stressful job that I have to take home with me at night and a very long commute, as well. How do you make time for yoga and meditation? I feel like any free time I have I should give to my husband and son since I don’t see them much at all during the week with work and school. I am going t a yoga class this evening and already feeling guilty about leaving my family for those 90 minutes – only adding to my anxiety!! Any thoughts?

  5. Patty

    I took my first yoga class in ages last night and it was wonderful – thank you for inspiring me. My question is – how to you make time to take care of yourself? I leave my house at 7am for work and don’t get home until 6:45pm. My son goes to bed around 8pm. I feel so, so guilty leaving my guys to go to a class in the evening which adds to my anxiety. I have to bring work home at night so between laundry, cleaning and homework and “play time” I just feel like taking time to myself is selfish. How do you balance this in your life?

    1. sherina Post author

      Hi Patty! Glad to hear you got some yoga in! Your question is a really good one. I think you have to look at it as being something mandatory. Sort of the same way that they tell you to put the oxygen mask over your own face before helping anyone else with theirs – you can’t help anyone unless you’re at your best. Now I’m not suggesting that you go out every single night and neglect your family. However I think they can survive with your doing yoga from time to time. Or if the week nights don’t work well then how about a weekend class?

      One thing I do is I don’t actually go to yoga, I have a home practice so I can do it at times that are a little more convenient. Maybe your son would even enjoy doing some with you, kids are naturals at a lot of yoga poses!

      If you’re taking care of yourself and helping yourself to feel more at ease and peaceful it will only be a good thing for everyone around you! Good luck, let me know how it goes!

  6. Mike

    Hi Sherry,
    I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety as well. The past few years it has been getting worse and worse. I’ve tried a number of remedies but nothing seems to work. Work is becoming almost impossible to manage because I have a position where people are always coming to me with problems and my boss is starting to notice that I am not coping which just adds to the stress.

    I’m going to follow your meditation videos and try to relax that way but my question is, what type of yoga should I go to? I know there are various types but I have no experience of them. Also do you know if there are an men friendly yoga styles. All the yoga classes I’ve seen have been women only.

    Really enjoying your site btw.

    Mike recently posted…Flowy: Beat Panic Attacks With A Mobile Game.My Profile

  7. Jessica

    Good advice, I used to suffer from terrible anxiety and it’s funny, Hi Sherry,

    Despite having real bad anxiety and panic attacks several years back, I never actually got into Yoga. However, I think that is something I would enjoy.

    I listen to relaxation audio files and that was part of what helped me rid myself of anxiety and panic attacks several years back and I still listen to them today.

    Meditation and mindfulness are key, as well as diversion. Thanks for sharing and best wishes!
    Jessica recently posted…Linden Method Reviews – Anxiety Cure?My Profile

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