How to kill your child

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This morning I wrestled Hayley to the floor in order to win control of the remote so I could watch Live with Regis & Kelly instead of some cartoon on Treehouse that she wasn’t even interested in. One of the topics they discussed was Britney Spears and how she was photographed with her baby sitting on her lap as she drove her car.

It’s difficult to find any photos online as they seem to have all been pulled (though I did see it in whatever paper Regis had on the show), but stories have now surfaced where Britney has defended her boneheaded decision by explaining they were being stalked by the paparazzi and she was fleeing them because she apparently feared for her son’s safety.

I remember a wonderful princess by the name of Diana who DIED while fleeing the paparazzi. Did Britney think that escaping some cameras (which she didn’t actually even do anyway) was worth the risk of losing control of her car, crashing, and having her baby’s neck snap? Or perhaps she didn’t think about how the airbag could deploy in a crash, rushing out of the steering wheel to completely smother and crush the baby seated on her lap.

I don’t care what her reason was, the truth is she didn’t take the half a second necessary to think about what she doing or what the cost of her choice might have been.

The sad thing is I really want to like Britney for some inexplicable reason. I felt bad for her when so many magazines gleefully printed pregnancy pictures while crowing about how “awful” she looked as though being a celebrity meant she wasn’t allowed to gain weight and have bad skin for a few months. I felt sorry for her when K-Fed proved to be just as much of a jackass as we all knew him to be and worried that her rumored second (current) pregnancy was a desperate attempt to hang on to a bad marriage (and if so, it’s not her swiftest move seeing as how he left his pregnant girlfriend FOR Britney in the first place). I really think that deep down she really does want to have a little family and be a good mother. So I do want to like her. She just makes it so damn hard sometimes.

(edited to add: Aha! Found one!)

Sigh. Oops, you did it again!

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16 thoughts on “How to kill your child

  1. Kristin

    goodness! what a silly nit she is, and I am the same way. I REALLY want to like her she just makes it so hard. If she was fleeing from the pap. why is her window rolled down? she doesn’t appear to be in any bit hurry..isn’t it against the law to be doing what she is doing?!

  2. mar

    Besides the more important fact that her child is sitting in her lap … Britney herself isn’t even wearing a seat belt, it looks like.
    Good example, she is!

  3. rebecca

    i feel sorry for the girl. but seriously, how stupid can one person be? so what’s a few photos? she gets snapped ALL the time!

    i’m like you a bit, i do believe she wants to be a good mum and all.. it’s why i feel sorry for her. but. STUPID girl!

  4. merrilee

    I like how even though she was fleeing the paparazzi, she still had time to put her window down….she looks pretty relaxed to me.

  5. Amy

    There was a quiz in a parenting magazine I was reading at the library yesterday—“Which celebrity would you feel most comfortable leaving your child with?” The choices were Jennifer Garner, Katie Holmes and Britney Spears. Garner won by a landslide; I’m guessing respondents were worried that their kids might become brainwashed if they spent time with Holmes, who came in second, or that Britney, who came in a distant last place, might do something stupid like she just did.

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