Not a bad weekend

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Although there was nothing wildly out of the ordinary about our weekend I would have to classify it as being pretty darn good.

Things started off really well on Friday with one of the most mundane things you could ever imagine – I took the bus to work and then took it home again. This might not sound like a big deal but Halifax had a transit strike for 6 long weeks and while I had been able to make my way there and back with little trouble, it was still quite a bit of juggling and I don’t like always having to rely on someone else for my schedule. When the buses came back on Friday I practically bounded onto my bus heading downtown and although I managed to refrain from giving into my urge to hug my driver I did all but shout an excited, “welcome back!” at him with a big smile.

Once I got the kids to bed I just took it easy and watched a bit of TV with George before falling asleep myself. On St Patrick’s Day I did a workout that was intense enough that my hamstrings and glutes hate me today, and then I made a little video showing how I made a green juice instead of green beer:

(I have to learn to speak louder, the mic doesn’t pick up as well as I think it will.)

I made corned beef and rice for supper even though I know that corned beef isn’t technically an actual Irish tradition, it’s more of a North American Irish meal, but meh. It tasted good and that’s all that mattered to me!

After supper we made some popcorn and enjoyed a family movie night which kept the kids up a bit too late but that was okay because it was fun. What good is a Saturday night if you don’t break the rules and stay up past bedtime once in awhile?

My original plan for today was to tackle some laundry and do some yoga but Hayley has become very obsessed – in a good way – with her baby doll Blaire* and she really wanted to go to the mall and push her around in her stroller. The mall is one of my least favourite places in the world but in the end it was kind of fun. We didn’t buy anything other than a few necessities in the dollar store, but we walked around for about an hour which still beats being a bunch of couch potatoes all day long.

(* No, the name Blaire is not a spin-off her cousin Claire. It comes from one of the Barbie movies they watched awhile back and she really loved the name.)

On the way home we stopped at the grocery store, and then I popped into Bulk Barn to get some hulled hemp seeds and some quinoa; I’ve already cooked up the quinoa so that I can have some for breakfast tomorrow with chopped apples and dried cranberries instead of my usual toast with peanut butter. Speaking of cooking, coming home was nice because the Beef Stroganoff that George had popped into the slow cooker this morning was starting to smell pretty good by then.

The evening has mostly been relaxing other than having to get back into the routine of packing up school lunches now that March Break has drawn to a close and the kids have to head back to class tomorrow morning. I think they were a little disappointed that I wasn’t home with them but they had fun (and sadly they each had one or so days of being sick with a fever for some strange reason).

However, on Monday my lift had called in sick and George was working with someone here so I had no way to get in to the office. I did end up calling in with a personal day and the kids were ecstatic that I stayed home. As a bonus it was a balmy 12 or 13 degrees and sunny so although I felt guilty for about five minutes I did find myself sitting outside on my back deck in yoga pants and a sweatshirt, drinking my faux coffee and rather enjoying myself. If only I could figure out a way to make being out in the warm, fresh air a source of income!

And now I’m going to get ready for the season finale of The Walking Dead. We usually don’t watch it until Monday because then we don’t have to be interrupted by commercials, but it’s supposed to be really intense (more than the last two episodes were?! I don’t know if I can handle that!) and I just don’t want to be accidentally spoiled tomorrow either online or in person. I can’t believe it’s over tonight for another season, boo!

I hope you all had a great weekend too. Tell me what you did!

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