Not keeping up very well

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So apparently this year I’m sucking at the Holidailies thing. I just haven’t felt like updating. I’ve been too busy with other things during the day and then by evening I’m kind of tired and brain-dead.

On the other hand I can’t quite think of anything in particular that I did that would keep me from sitting down and typing up a quick update. Ah well.

Anyway, I haven’t dumped or edited any photos in a couple of days either so I don’t have anything pretty to share. I do have one brief story I don’t want to forget though.

On Tuesday I took Breanna up to the school with me and handled the PPO used toys sale from 8 am until 11:30. Breanna came with me last year and had fun; this year was even better. She sorted money into the cash box, I’d tell her what to give back as change, and she helped bag up purchases if someone had bought a bunch of small stuff.

The entire sale went well in general and I do love watching kids shop. It’s interesting to see what they’ll be attracted to and it’s fun to listen to them excitedly chatter over their finds.

However, there was one little boy in particular – probably grade two – who was so sweet that I just wanted to fold him up and put him in my pocket. He had bought a handful of very stereotypically boy things. He was carrying around a couple of Transformers, a Spiderman figure, and a dinosaur. He seemed pretty thrilled with his haul. He had 50 cents left and wanted to know what he could get with it. I showed him the 25 cent table and said he could get two things there or that he could get one thing from the 50 cent table next to it.

A few minutes later he hopped up to me and joyfully held up something very different from his other things. It was a little black purse, about the size that Paris Hilton uses to cart around her little dogs. On one side it had a pink silhouette of a girl and on the other side it had a pink French poodle. The entire thing was covered in sparkles.

He excitedly told me that he had picked it up at the 50 cent table and that was what he wanted. I smiled and said okay and took him two quarters. Then he grinned and bounced a little on the balls of his feet and whispered, “it’s for my mom, she likes pretty purses and this one is REALLY pretty.”

Well. I was in the throes of PMS so it took everything I had in me not to just CRY. Instead I patted him on the shoulder, told him the purse was absolutely beautiful, and sent him off to catch up to his class who had left already.

It was the sweetest thing that I saw all day and I love that a little boy would buy something like that for his mother. If it was me, I would carry that purse EVERYWHERE just because of the thought.

Sometimes my faith in the world is restored by the simplest things.

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