Oh my GOD y’all! I totally shaved my head!

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I love celebrities and I love celebrity snark. But that said, I feel sorry for Britney. Clearly something is Not Right in her head right now. The head you can see so much more of now, since she checked into rehab, checked out 24 hours later, and then showed up in front of a hairdresser, demanding to have her head shaved. When the hairdresser refused, Britney grabbed the razor and did it herself. Then she went to a tattoo parlor where she screamed and carried on and got a tattoo of red lips inked onto her wrist.

No, seriously.


It would be laughable if you didn’t factor in all the bad child decisions she’s made (hello, driving with a baby on her lap), the weird Kevin Federline relationship, the pending divorce, the drinking, the coochie-flashing, and the downward spiral. But when I do consider all those things plus the events of the past couple of days, I don’t know whether to worry that Britney’s going to be found in a hotel room with an empty bottle of sleeping pills and a mickey of vodka or whether to worry she’s going to be seen sitting on a highway overpass, picking off drivers with a shotgun.

If ever there was a celebrity who should have been steered into a different career path, well, this is it. Even Paris Hilton is starting to seem sane now, sex videos and all.

(And if I may just be snarky for one second about this, at least Sinead O’Conner had a nice head and still looked good without hair; the same can not be said about everyone, I’m afraid.)

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7 thoughts on “Oh my GOD y’all! I totally shaved my head!

  1. rachel

    I’m one of the least pop-culture saavy people, but I had heard of this and was boggled. yikes.

    I’ve thought (ok, on hot days) of shaving my head, but I’ve always been convinced I’d look crummy. At least I don’t have the other problems Britney has pulling me down.

  2. Jenna

    Wow. I leave the computer for one day… and damn!

    That said, Sinead O’Connor had eyelashes out the wazoo and a beautifully shaped head that made for an amazing look. People whose ears stick out on top like Britney’s… with lumpy heads (uhm, like mine)… should stick to some form of hair cover. Or hats. Or something.

  3. tmr

    It’s a sad world when Kevin Federline ends up looking like the sane, balanced parent.

    She started young and did everything young. Now she’s grown up and has no clue. Her parents failed her miserably, if you ask me (which you didn’t, I know). Yes, she’s an adult and responsible for her own actions. But, she never really learned right from wrong, responsible from irresponsible, selfish from unselfish. And, because of that, she doesn’t know how to behave under adult pressures. I think she is cracking, almost quite literally.

    I honestly feel very badly for her. Not in the “poor famous Britney” way, but in the “poor little rich girl” kind of way.

    She should be held up as an example to all those parents that want to get their kids into show business/music business at a young age.

  4. Richard L Walker

    The really sad thing is that those who are paid to take care of her willingly turn their backs on her every action as if it is normal. She then goes on to something even more rash. I agree there is no telling where it will end up … but at this rate it won’t be pretty. Of course if her only problem were the shaved head I’d take her lumps, ears and all … BUT … my wife would kill me … AND … the shaved head seems to be the least of her problems. Something between the ears is in serious need of a check-up. One day in rehab? Must have been a miracle.

  5. Kristyn

    I have a feeling that some day down the road we are going to have another Anna Nicole Smith on our hands with her. I am really scared for her. She is obviously crying out for help but the people who surround her do not want to piss off their meal ticket so they let it happen.

  6. kara

    I agree. Her parents failed to protect her. She’s an adult now-she’s the mother of 2!! kids who are God knows where while she’s out all night- and at many levels isn’t capable of making adult decisions.

  7. tallulah

    Britney and I actually shaved our heads on the same day. Now I have to live with being a “Britney wannabe”. Check out my blog if you want to see another bald head (for cancer mind you.)

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