Oh, there you are summer

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After spending most of July cursing the near-constant downpours which killed most of my flowers on the balcony by the way, summer finally woke up from its leisurely nap, raised its head, and sleepily drawled, “Oh hey, were you waiting for me? My bad.”

And the it whacked us with a ton of humidity. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to see the sun and the park after supper is very comfortable after a humid day but it was almost insane – there was no normal buildup, it was just *thunk* humid.

Ah well. We’ve spent some time at the park this week and that’s just been really bloody nice because the kids had gotten kind of stir crazy. Not that you can tell.


Last night was particularly nice. A husband and wife who own my favorite dog in the whole neighborhood showed up late in the evening and we got to pet the little guy. She even took his leash off and he ran around with us. He is ADORABLE.


Then another woman that I had seen but never met showed up with her three dogs and it was just mayhem – the good kind – with four happy dogs running around, not to mention my two equally happy kids. No one else was there so no one was bothered by them. Hayley was ecstatic because she got to hold the three dogs on their leashes (even though they didn’t really need to be held, they were happy to stay close by).

Happy girl

It’s something she can’t really do with Pearl, which is unfortunate. I’ve been working with that damn dog since last September and no training has ever put even the tiniest dent in all the genes bred into her that make her so desperate to sniff that she pulls over and over again. The Halti collar worked but Pearl CHEWED her regular collar; the Halti attaches to the regular flat collar for security reasons, so we can’t use it until we get around to buying a new one. Right now I walk Pearl using a choke collar and let me tell you, that stubborn Beagle does not give a hoot how many times you yank on that thing. Sometimes she sounds like she’s going to strangle herself when we’re walking.

So when Hayley got a chance to “walk” a whole herd of dogs around the park, she was beside herself with joy. Even Breanna got to walk one around.

It wasn’t an easy task convincing my kids to come home considering the dogs were still running around when it was time for us to head home to do snacks and bedtime.

Despite the humidity, I am so much happier now that the sun is making a semi-regular appearance and we can get out more often and for longer periods of time.

26/365 - Ommmmm

Between reading my book on park benches, zoning out while pushing swings, or just sitting in the grass, it makes for a more zen-like me, that’s for sure.


In trademark stereotypical Canadian fashion, I also bitched about the weather letting us all down over on Canada Moms Blog, drop on by and feel free to comment with your own weather woes!

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5 thoughts on “Oh, there you are summer

  1. Richard L Walker

    Most years there is almost no difference in temperature or humidity between here (Pensacola) and there. A couple times I climbed on a plane here, flew up there ready to cool off and, exiting the plane, asked “What happened?”
    No contest with the winter months. I’ll take Pensacola (even though I sometimes complain about the wet cold).
    But the summer? Egad.

  2. Amy @ Muddy Boots

    I hear ya on the humidity. Who knew my hair could be this curly!

    And the stir-crazy! Good Lord! I’m kind of looking forward to school starting so I can have a break from “summer”.

  3. sherry

    Richard – That’s the thing here, we’re like the Land Of Extremes. Super cold followed by “OMG I’m going to die in this humidity.” We get very little in-between (perfect) weather.

    Amy – My hair has no curl, it’s just straight and ridiculously thick so it kind of does this weird, nearly impossible combination of bushy yet limp. Awesome.

  4. Richard L Walker

    “In-between?” Oh, you’re talking about those 2 days between summer and winter and those two days between winter and summer? I think they have names for those 4 days but I forget what they are.

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