One month into my new shift plus a poll

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It’s been a month now since I was switched from the evening shift to my current 10-6 shift and I have to say that the joy hasn’t worn off. It’s especially timely that it’s late spring and so I get to leave when it’s still light out and there’s still a couple of hours of sun left in the sky.

However there’s no doubt that the single best thing about getting off the bus at 6:30 pm is getting to spend some actual time with my family. Unless it’s pouring rain, this is what I see every single day as I walk up the street to the house.

Every day. That’s compared to coming home to the kids in bed every night. I have no complaints, believe me.

(Hayley doesn’t usually run down the driveway to meet me but she tends to greet me with some sort of story before I’ve even gotten my shoes off my feet; last time it was all about why she was going keep alligators when she gets older.)

I haven’t even had to make too many adjustments. I get up 20 minutes earlier to get myself ready before I get the kids up (I shower at night and although I wear makeup I’m pretty low-maintenance so that’s about all the time I need) and have to leave for work right away when they’re off to school. Other than that the only difference is that I can’t work out or run before work like I used to.

Trust me, I can live with that. I’m not much of a morning person but I definitely prefer to get my exercise in shortly after getting up. On the weekends I like to roll out of bed and get out the door for a run before I’m fully awake; I figure the faster I get moving the less chance I have to talk myself out of it. However, that being said I can still fit it in after work anyway. I’ve been running once a week after work and this week I’ll do it twice just because the race is coming up in mere days. It’s not ideal but it works and it’s better than the alternative, which would be to not do it all.

I’m happy. I love this new shift. The time passes quickly and it just works better for me and for our whole family.

And speaking of the race, I wasn’t going to say anything until the recap when I posted a picture but I need some help making a decision so I’ll ask here. I’m wearing either a plain t-shirt or a tank top (depending on the temperature Sunday morning). I’ll have my bib with my number pinned to the front of my shirt and I’m making a little sign to pin to the back to showcase a little bit of my geeky zombiefan humour.

The problem is I’m torn between two possibilities and I need your help to decide which is the best one. What should I pin to the back of my shirt?

Weigh in to help me decide!

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