One of my creative moments

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This year, one of the gifts that we gave the kids for Christmas was a big Barbie furniture set. It came with furnishings for a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living room. While Hayley had once mentioned wanting the Barbie Pink 3-Story Dream Townhouse (and oh my hell, it’s way cheaper in the stores here, wow!), we figured we just gave them the Diamond Castle last Christmas.

On the other hand, it was a lot of furniture and bits and pieces that would have been just lying around in a box. The castle already had a bit of furniture so it didn’t really have room for much more. I had to clean up the kids’ room a bit anyway so I looked around, scratched my head, curse a bit, and then I had an idea.

There was a white bookshelf in there that wasn’t really serving a highly important purpose; there’s a brown shelf in there that holds a ton of books, but the white one just held odds and ends which could find new homes. I pulled it out of the corner, did a bit of re-arranging, and set the furniture up inside.

Creative moments

Hayley was out when I did it, although Breanna saw some of it while I set it all up. When Hayley came home her eyes bugged out of her head because she was so excited that I made her a Barbie house.

The townhouse is certainly very nice and maybe we’ll get it some day but making one for them was way more fun and they both love it. I’m already thinking that I might like to get some wrapping paper to use as wallpaper, as well as some pictures to use as window views.

When I was a kid I played with Barbies. When I hit the early teen years I didn’t really play with them so much as I loved to set up houses for them at my grandmother’s place, using random things as furniture and whatnot. Apparently I haven’t really changed all that much after all these years.

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6 thoughts on “One of my creative moments

  1. _vTg_

    Awesome! I had similar “recycled” dolls houses when I grew up: a cabinet shelf like this, and then an extendable version made from cardboard boxes stuck together. Your wallpaper and window ideas are clever! Lol, Barbie can have winter, spring, summer and autumn views all at once!! I remember making matchbox drawers and lamps from buttons.

  2. Andrea_R

    CUTE! And Emma has the same bathroom. 🙂

    You had a free bookshelf?? Man, in hour house, I wouldn’t even have to try & fill it. I’d just put it somewhere & a week later the gravitational force of our stuff would collect itself.

  3. Jennifer

    What a creative idea!

    Thank you for the book suggestions on my blog. I have the Hollow series too. Have you read her Morrigan’s Cross series? Wizards and vampires and witches. Yum! I actually enjoy a lot of Nora Roberts newer books, although people still tend to look at you funny when you say that.

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