One tired Friday

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Have you ever just instantly felt completely exhausted? It’s not quite like the hit-by-a-truck sensation of the flu. The abrupt tired feeling I had was more like that sudden shift between enjoying a drink and realizing you shouldn’t have had that last one. I was fine today, albeit a bit tired, and then all of a sudden it was all I could do to move.

It’s probably related to the fact that I got up and went into the school for 7:30 this morning to have a meeting with the regional coordinator for the Breakfast Club. Although the club was finally able to start up they still sort of need more volunteers and I’m happy to help out once a week. I met with her and will probably get started next week, otherwise it will be the first week after Christmas break.

After that wrapped up I went upstairs and helped three other moms on the PPO because it was the day for counting up the money for the once-a-month pizza day. They were also counting up the money for the recent bread drive that they did (I can’t wait to get ours, the bread was so good last year). When two of the moms left, I went with the other one to the storage room to pick out some prizes to give to the top fundraisers, it will be fun to hand those out to the kids.

I didn’t get home until lunch time and FINALLY got a cup of coffee which was much-needed judging by the pounding in my head – ah, caffeine withdrawal, you are a massive bitch.

I got a few things for work done and then crazily took the kids out to play in the snow after Hayley got home. It was insane because although the base temperature was perfect, there was so much wind that it felt much colder, plus snow kept blowing in our faces. All we could handle was about 30 minutes.

I managed to go right back out with the dog and as soon as I could we came back in. Somehow I got the kitchen cleaned up and made supper, then cleaned up again since George’s sister and dad were coming over to visit.

By that point I was Done with a capital D. DONE. I went into the girls’ room to get Breanna’s pajamas and I ended up sitting on Hayley’s bed for a few minutes just because I couldn’t get back up. Had I gone to bed right then I would have slept like the dead.

Of course I didn’t and then caught a second wind so George and I watched two re-runs of Criminal Minds, but I can feel the sleepiness setting in slowly. I think I’d better get to bed before I experience a third wind. Bed sounds like a better idea.

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