It’s about time

In the throes of tantrum city, Hayley ripped the foot off of “Cheep-Cheep”, a little stuffed knit duck that was actually meant to be an Easter decoration but to which… Read more »

New entry

You’d think that every once in awhile I might write a journal entry early in the day, but no. Apparently not. New entry is up! Lots of pictures, yay.

Little reminder

This is pretty much just a little reminder for me. I’m watching 20/20 and they’re talking about vampires (one of my favorite things!) and there’s a new book out called… Read more »

Belly shot, 27 weeks

I’m 27 weeks and 5 days today, so I used my handy dandy self-timer to take a new picture of my big old torpedo belly. It totally cracks me up… Read more »

Writer’s block

I’m finding that I’m having more and more trouble updating my journal these days. It’s not because I don’t have anything in particular to say (when has that ever stopped… Read more »