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Random Grey’s Anatomy moment

I have loved Christina since day one, but Bailey is quickly becoming her competition as my favorite character, especially tonight. I was almost crying from laughing. If I had to give up every television show but one, this is the one I would keep.

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It’s been a nice weekend. I guess it technically started on Friday evening, but I don’t remember much in particular. Well, except for the fact that I woke up to a waking and hungry Breanna at 5 am and realized that she had slept straight through for six hours. But I refuse to talk about that because if I do, it will be a year before she does it again. Saturday, George was supposed to…

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How to drive someone crazy

I’m sure I seem reasonably entertaing and amusing here on my weblog. What you may not realize is that I can be somewhat annoying to live with. Just ask George, since he’s been doing it for years now. Awhile back Jaeme wrote a fun entry about all the things about her that made her husband a little crazy and I’ve been meaning to do the same ever since. I already knew a couple of pet…


Want to buy a t-shirt?

I joined the crowd and created a store. You know, in case you were dying to have a t-shirt with silly stuff on it. I get 10% if you buy something. So yeah, between the t-shirts, the ads in the sidebar, and the PayPal donation button in the sidebar, I’m all about being an unapologetic sellout. Back when I pulled in an actual salary, I wouldn’t have considered doing any of this, but if I…



So as you may have guessed, I’m fully immersed in American Idol once again. Normally I enjoy watching it but tonight has filled me with a tremendous sense of horror. WHY are so many of the girls wearing PEDAL PUSHERS?! Dear God, someone please reassure me that they aren’t coming back in style because I can’t take it. Convince me that someone in wardrobe is smoking crack. (All that said, I love Paris and also…



I once took a picture of my grandmother’s house and it looked like this: Long-time readers know that the house was sold after being in the family for several generations and that it was hard on everyone. I went up north for the first time since it was torn down. And standing at the window in the place my grandmother is renting, I looked across the street to where that house used to be and…



Proof that childbirth and sleep deprivation make you stupid: I just dumped fish food in the rat tank. I think I’m going TO BED NOW.

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Holy crap

I don’t mean to be the sterotypical Canadian, always talking about (aboot?) the weather, but the wind is insane here right now. The wind is currently being clocked at 75 km per hour, with gusts up to 95 km per hour (that’s 47 mph and 60mph respectively, for non-metric folks). All our windows are rattling loudly, our DOOR (which is an apartment door, ie it opens into an enclosed hallway and not the street) is…