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I haven’t seen my grandmother since July due to a variety of random circumstances. She’s never met Breanna at all. We have plans to go see her on Saturday (where I will try my best to keep from looking out the front windows towards the parking lot where her house used to be) and I called her yesterday to tell her. She is SO excited, especially since her current visit with my aunt and uncle…


Valentine’s day

If you’re one of those people that loves V-day, I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday. If you hate the Hallmark holiday, I hope you didn’t strangle anyone and that you’re now enjoying the fact that it’s Wednesday. I’m neutral. I never went crazy about the whole valentine thing. Throughout most of high school I disliked it because I never got as many carnations as some other people, and the ones I did get…


That would be a shock!

TomKat Split! Allegedly because they knew it wouldn’t work and they wanted to end it before they got to hate each other. Really, that’s code for wanting to end it before Katie got to hate wearing her fake pregnancy belly and it wouldn’t work out because it would cramp Tom’s secret gay lifestyle. Who’s he going to jump on Oprah’s couch about now?


Is winter over yet?

I shouldn’t complain, because honestly this winter hasn’t been that bad at all for Montreal. We’ve had very few snowstorms, and there is currently so little snow outside that George wears shoes instead of boots. Even the temperatures haven’t been bad at all and I’ve only worn my real winter coat a handful of times. But I still can’t wait for spring to get here. I know that spring leads to summer which brings about…

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Adventures in misheard words

Hayley: Mommy? Do you like weed? Sherry: What?! Hayley: DO YOU LIKE WEED? *points to “Mighty Machines” on TV, where a farmer is plowing a field of WHEAT.* Sherry: Wheat. It’s wheaT. Yes I like wheat. Hayley: I like weed too. Sherry: WHEAT! Helloooo, CPS.


Belly laughs

Today was one of those blah days where nothing actually goes wrong but it still feels like a crappy day. And then it was saved by a wonderful moment. I was changing Breanna’s diaper and just after wiping her, she peed mightily all over herself and her clothes. I reacted with mock horror, with wide eyes and I animatedly said, “Oh SHEESH! to her. She broke into a smile and laughed a little “huh huh”…


How to kill your child

This morning I wrestled Hayley to the floor in order to win control of the remote so I could watch Live with Regis & Kelly instead of some cartoon on Treehouse that she wasn’t even interested in. One of the topics they discussed was Britney Spears and how she was photographed with her baby sitting on her lap as she drove her car. It’s difficult to find any photos online as they seem to have…


Tea time

The other day I was quickly doing some cleaning up in Hayley’s disaster room and I put Breanna in her car seat. I asked Hayley to entertain her so I could finish, and she decided to teach Breanna how to hold a tea cup. “Mom. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. What is up with this tea party stuff?” Hayley thought it was pretty nifty that she got to have a tea party with her sister. I think she’s…