That figures

I had a prenatal appointment at 9:30 this morning. George’s dad was going to take us but his mom had an appointment as well at 9 am, so we had… Read more »

Miss H’s disaster

MissH is a Virgo, and Virgos are supposed to be very orderly, neat, tidy, almost OCD about cleaning. Our friends have a Virgo who was born two weeks before MissH… Read more »


My weather extension in Firefox just popped up a change in temperature, showing that it’s now 22 degrees. It also said it’s mostly sunny. Mostly sunny? It’s ten o’clock at… Read more »

Knit knit knit

Today we were supposed to go for a picnic with a bunch of friends and kids and it was going to be so great; even though I was tired and… Read more »

Getting closer

According to the pregnancy script, I only have 100 days to go until my due date. It seems like such a big number, but once tomorrow rolls around and I’m… Read more »