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Growing, growing

Tonight at about 7:30 I changed Breanna’s diaper and I went to change her into a fresh pair of pajamas. I tried and discarded THREE pairs that no longer fit. Three pairs that fit her perfectly as recently as last week. The fourth pair was a nice set of pink pajamas that fit up to 19-21 pounds, and when I tried them on her two weeks ago, they were floating on her. Now they’re only…

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Well that figures

So as you may have noticed, I did a redesign. (Refresh if you actually don’t see it.) And so of course, this morning I begrudgingly opened up the piece of crap that is Internet Explorer, and it looks pretty damn bad. The header image doesn’t fit, the border is BLUE for some strange reason, and the far right sidebar starts halfway down the page. Rest assured, it doesn’t look like that if you use Firefox…


I win!

I don’t think Hayley has quite gotten the concept of “I Spy” yet. Sometimes she gets it and other times? Hayley: I spy, with my little eye, something that is… yellow! Sherry: This book? Hayley: No, my table! Sherry: Okay, you’re supposed to let me keep guessing. Hayley: Okay, I’ll go again. I spy, with my little eyye, something that is yellow! Sherry: Uh, your table? Hayley: Yes! That’s right! You’re so good at this…


And my dog died too

Not too long ago we made a decision to consolidate some of our bills by getting a special trio package from Videotron, a local provider. Now instead of a ridiculous charge for our phone, plus a bill for satellite and another one for Internet access, we get our phone (VOIP), high speed, and digital cable on one bill for just over 80 bucks a month. This is a good deal since Bell Canada was charging…


Five pictures

Jade & Melanie! Thank you for the package! Do you think Breanna liked the Heffalump outfit? I think so! See? Hayley also decided the pajamas you sent made Breanna “very soft”. And in other random pictures… Beautiful Hayley. Her eyes have recovered so well. I may insist on buying Breanna an entire wardrobe of red clothes since it’s such a good color on her. I acquired a great desk to replace my table I was…


Fun, fun

Remember that book-turned-movie, The House of Sand and Fog? I’m going to write my own book and call it The House of Snot and Phlegm. Once it’s adapted to a screenplay and becomes a movie, the tag line can include some mention of “sleepless nights”, “spiking fevers”, and “ow, my stomach hurts”. So. Who wants to come over with all that in store?


Hard topics

When I was pregnant with Breanna, I didn’t want to be wishy-washy about discussing it with Hayley. If you ask her how Breanna got out of my tummy (or uterus, since she knows where that is too), she will tell you that “Mommy pushed and the baby came out of Mommy’s vagina, like a beautiful butterfly!” (The butterfly part is something she added on her own, as a result of many readings of “The Very…