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My weather extension in Firefox just popped up a change in temperature, showing that it’s now 22 degrees. It also said it’s mostly sunny. Mostly sunny? It’s ten o’clock at night!

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Knit knit knit

Today we were supposed to go for a picnic with a bunch of friends and kids and it was going to be so great; even though I was tired and a little achy, I figured it was just a picnic, I could park my ass on the ground and just enjoy myself. So naturally we woke up to pouring rain. So much for the damn picnic. With no plans to speak of anymore, we did…

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New entry

There’s a new entry up in the journal.

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Getting closer

According to the pregnancy script, I only have 100 days to go until my due date. It seems like such a big number, but once tomorrow rolls around and I’m down to double digits it will feel like it’s not that far away. (To prove that I am a true HP geek, if my due date is in 100 days then that means there are only 99 days until “Goblet of Fire” comes out in…



Totally out of the blue, as we were both lying on the floor playing with foam letters, MissH looked at me and said, “When I grow up, I want to go in Los Angeles.” Well, okay then. It’s always good to have plans!

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Ready set go!

Okay, I think I’m more or less ready to start blogging here for real. I just really like WordPress. The way the themes works makes my head hurt a little which is why my old design (which I really do still love) is not currently up, because I can’t quite make it look right. But you know, when you have minimal time to dedicate to futzing, it’s hard to worry about it. In the meantime,…