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I have a love-hate relationship with the park closest to us. It’s great because it’s not far at all, it has some fairly decent if not exciting play stuff, and it backs on to what’s left of the woods around here. And of course, we all know how much I love to go walking in the woods. On the other hand, I loathe it when the summer weather hits because they stupidly stripped all the trees away when they put the park in; sure there are plenty of trees along the perimeter but not in the actual park itself. Which means there is zero shade where the swings, slides, and whatnot are located. There used to be two trees that provided a wee bit of shade but they got sick and were cut down last Spring. They’ve also recently planted some new ones along the path so there’s that at least, but they’re too young to provide any relief from the sun just yet.


Usually we go to the park during the day so that there’s less rush to get back home. Yesterday, though, we were busy during the afternoon so I promised the kids that we’d go to the park after supper. We ate at a decent hour and since we had ordered in some Chinese food which meant few dishes I figured the world would not fall off its axis if I left the plates in the sink. I constantly struggle to keep on top of housework, but as much as I hate doing dishes I also hate when they aren’t done. There’s something incredibly discouraging about a sink that is full of dishes when you wake up in the morning (oh, to have a dishwasher…). Still, taking the kids out to play was a bigger priority so off we went.

We ended up spending almost two hours there and I can tell you right now that once school is out (just over two weeks to go), we will be doing that a lot more frequently. Not only is it more pleasant to be at the park when the sun isn’t directly overhead, and not only does it usually provide a bit of relief from the daytime humidity spikes that plague Montreal, apparently that’s when most of our neighborhood goes to the park.

Usually it’s just us at the park. It’s so rare for other kids to be there that it’s like a huge novelty to see one other kid show up. Last night there were so many people at the park all at one time. There was a family flying kites, another packing up some soccer balls to go home, some kids who were playing a land version of Marco Polo, and it was awesome. It was noisy in that really great “look at all those children having fun” kind of way and all the parents seemed to be in a good mood – myself included.

I definitely want to go back at the same time from now on. I’m sure we’ll go during the day sometimes too, especially when we have those days that are nice and sunny without being oppressively hot, but it seems evening is the time to go for our park! I was even thinking that I could pack up their before-bed snack stuff and we could have a snack picnic there, then come home and get them into bed. That would be fun to try.

I managed to get some better pictures of the kids in their glasses too. Hayley is still loving hers (but I have to remind her frequently that she doesn’t need to demonstrate this love by taking them off to clean them every five to ten minutes) and has been reading a lot more lately, just like she used to. It’s unbelievable how much her vision troubles cut into that, and reading is something she loves. Today I put Breanna to bed for her nap and then sat on the couch with my book (Eat, Pray, Love, totally awesome), and Hayley curled up beside me with Charlotte’s Web and we read quietly together for half an hour.

Breanna asks regularly if she can please take her glasses off now, but since her vision is apparently worse than Hayley’s is, it’s really even more important for her to wear them at all times. She’s still feeling under the weather (and as of this moment has been napping for an epic two and a half hours, I’m going to be screwed at bedtime but she really needs the sleep) so I know it’s annoying for her to wear them, but so far a bit of distraction has helped a lot.

And I still think they look adorable in them.


Still modeling

Getting used to the glasses


Too bad today is overcast to the point that it looks like it might pour rain at any moment. Good thing we’ll soon have endless summer days for park time!

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4 thoughts on “Park time

  1. Angella

    I agree – they look absolutely adorable. I started wearing glasses in Grade 5 (Had Lasik three years ago), so the odds are good that my kids will need glasses too 🙂

  2. Randi

    How cool is the park!! And how much fun it must be to hang out with all of the other kids!! Our two parks here are kinda weird – the one closest to us (about 10 min by car) is where a lot of the kinda scummy people hang out, while the one that’s the nice one, right by the Canadian border, actually, is about 20 min away by car, which is not something I want to drive every day.

    Why not bring dinner with you guys?! Pack up something that can be eaten on paper plates and you guys can have a blast eating and playing at the same time!

  3. Mar

    Randi had a great idea! You could do a KFC dinner or something at the park! That sounds like fun 🙂 I love your post, my girls are just beginning to get into summer play too and they love spending time at the park. I’ve actually met some of the moms from my local park and we now meet regularly. It’s been awesome for me and for them! Enjoy the lazy summer evenings at the park!

    Mars last blog post..Summer Lovin’

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