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The blogosphere recently went crazy over PayPerPost, a word of mouth marketing site where bloggers can make money for advertising products and services. A lot of people have been negative about it but I think it’s great, honestly. I only choose to review things that I genuinely agree with or appreciate. I suppose that some people could go ahead and write about things they don’t believe in but I don’t do it that way. As a result, I think it’s possible to write for PayPerPost while still maintaining your integrity as a blogger. Word of mouth marketing is a major marketing strategy nowadays and I think they’re going about it in a great way by offering incentives. I love it because it gives me an opportunity to make a bit of pocket money. How can I complain about that? (ETA: If you sign up, you can say you were referred by me, sherina at andromeda dot qc dot ca and I’ll get a whole five buckeroos.)

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