Rain ahoy

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I’m so glad that last week was pretty decent, weather-wise. It was pretty hot and humid but it was bearable and we got to be outside quite a bit. Yesterday was overcast but the weather held and I took the kids to the park for an hour or so after supper. I was glad to be able to – I had spent pretty much the entire weekend cleaning like a crazy person. It was that insane sort of cleaning where you just can’t stop. I’m glad I’m not pregnant because it was really similar to the nesting that happens about a week before the baby pops out.

I think I can blame it on my friend Joanne. When we stopped by to see them for St. Jean last week she mentioned how she was just getting rid of all kinds of stuff and trying to take control over the clutter in her house. It must have struck a chord with me because I swear to God, on Saturday morning all I meant to do was fold the clean laundry sitting on the chair in the bedroom. That was at 11 am. After that I sat down for five minutes at lunch, ten at supper, and a few times to pee. I didn’t sit other than that until about 9:30 pm. When I did, I discovered my feet were throbbing.

But damn, yo, my home looks pretty spectacular.

Anyway, since I had been cleaning like my life depended on it, I really wanted to take the kids out to play for awhile. That’s what’s nice about not having to get up early to get Hayley ready for school, I didn’t need to keep an eye on my watch to rush them home to bed; the only thing I was watching was the dark clouds in the distance. A large family that lives in two apartments in our building had gone to the park as well so Hayley and Breanna had six other kids to play with and I chatted with the two moms for a bit which is nice.

And well, yay for that because I woke up to pouring rain this morning. That’s not bad in and of itself but the week-long forecast shows nothing but rain, rain, and then more rain. It makes it hard to take the kids to the pool, you know? Alas. Here’s hoping we’re not going to get a re-run of last summer with all the rain we got.

At least Breanna has her four new 48-piece puzzles to keep her busy all summer long.


(She’s so proud of herself for doing them all on her own. She’s REALLY into puzzles.)

And speaking of summer (nice segue Sherry!), the always awesome Angella (who is also one of my favorite photographers) asked me if I’d be interested in submitting a guest post to The Daily Grommet with the topic being summer activities. Of course I said yes! My post is up today – because to me nothing screams summer like the smell of a BBQ!

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Rain ahoy

2 thoughts on “Rain ahoy

  • June 30, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    If you get bored, you could always come clean and declutter my house. I even have American TV. lol.

    My 3-year-olds are also very much into puzzles right now. Must be the age? Though my older two were never into puzzles the way these two are. lol.

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