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I really love the principal at Hayley’s school. He’s very involved with the school in general, which sounds obvious, but not everyone works that way. He’s always around. He’s in the office when he has things he needs to do in there, but he moves around a lot. I’ve seen him outside during gym time for the last gym class of the day when I was waiting outside the school yard to pick Hayley up (Kindergarten gets out a bit earlier than the older kids), and he was clapping and cheering for the students who were racing around the field. Hayley says that she often sees him because he apparently wanders the halls and pokes his head into classrooms and waves at everyone. I almost always see him at least once a day because he often comes out either first thing in the morning to greet the buses and open the school doors for students, or else he comes out and talks to all the parents who are waiting for their children at the end of the day. He addresses Hayley by name despite having several hundred students, and does the same for many other kids who run by. When he talks to the parents, he knows who we all are and who our kids are. Heck, he even remembers Breanna from our meeting the second week of school and every time he sees her, he crouches down and says, “Hello Miss Breanna!” and inquires about how Elmo is doing (even if she’s left him at home).

He’s the perfect elementary school principal, with a voice that carries but isn’t deep and scary for little kids, and he’s almost always smiling and talking to everyone. He’s a lot like my principal was in elementary school and it makes me feel a lot better when I send Hayley off to school.

Hayley makes me laugh a little, even if it’s in exasperation. She never wants to go to school (except last Thursday night when she was disappointed she wouldn’t see her friends on Friday since they had a day off). Every morning I have to convince her to get out of bed and hover over her to make her eat something. Every single morning she tells me at least once, “I don’t really want to go to school, Mommy.” I don’t exactly blow it off, but I only address it with a simple, “Well that’s okay, but you’re going anyway. You’ll have fun with your friends and sing songs and have a good day.”

And every single day she comes out of school with a big smile and chatters on and on about all the fun things that she did that day, and who she played with, and the songs they sang or games they played.

She loves school, but you’ll never convince her of that at 7 a.m.!

So far we’ve had two library days, random gym (are they EVER going to set a gym day so I can know which days to send her in pants instead of her beloved tunic?! She’s only ever agreed to wearing pants once in the past month so I know she’s done gym in a tunic, and I’d rather not have her doing that since she still doesn’t have much awareness over how much you can do before your butt shows.), homework, and lots of artwork sent home. Last week I literally shrieked with joy when I opened her bag and found a Scholastic Books order form – I *loved* ordering stuff from Scholastic as a kid. We picked out a bunch of books and ended up ordering thirty bucks worth of stuff, and to me it’s totally worth it because the prices are excellent and we could really use some new books to read around here at bedtime.

Yesterday we moved on to yet another staple of school – she brought home a sponsor form for the Terry Fox run. Which is cool and naturally we’ll sponsor her, and I’m sure her grandparents on both sides will too, but she got the form yesterday and the event is on Friday. Uhh… thanks for all the time to collect sponsors? Yeah.

No matter how crazy she may drive me sometimes, my favorite time of day is now the point where Breanna and I are waiting outside the gate for Hayley to come out. Picking her up is the best time of day of all.

I’ve posted up a review of the Bob Books in my review blog, and I have to say that if you have children who are at an age where they are eager to learn to read, you should check them out. They’re awesome and Hayley loves them. Even younger kids would probably enjoy listening to them because of the alliteration. (Breanna just doesn’t like having me read to her at ALL, though she does like looking at the pictures on her own terms.)

I need more coffee.

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  1. Carole

    Will she wear shorts under her tunic? I always make Sarah wear a pair of shorts under her dresses, because I know how she sits on the carpet, and plays on the playground, etc…

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