Recall insanity

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I swear to God, with all the recalls that are going on these days with kids’ toys, usually involving lead paint or magnets, I’m going to stop buying toys altogether and only make their toys myself out of rags that I wove together with fibers I grew myself. It’s like nothing is safe anymore. And although none of the recent recalls have directly affected anything that we currently own (a miracle since I have Dora and Elmo fans here), it’s still making me look suspiciously at our toys, wondering if they’re really okay.

In related news, when the hell are all these toy companies going to stop using factories in countries that do not share our safety standards? I realize that money is the motivating factor for all the out-sourcing, but are they really even actually saving money anymore what with all they have to pay for these recalls?



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8 thoughts on “Recall insanity

  1. Andrea

    It is crazy, especially when some of them are recalled clearly because soem parents can’t read the label (wrt choking hazards).

  2. AdventureDad

    Money talks. The Chinese can make cheap products since they don’t give a shit about pollution, child labor, safety standards, or rules. It’s probably 5-year olds making the toys anyway.

    I’m not even upset since I know how things work. This is just the tip of a giant iceberg.

    Sorry about the nagging


  3. Andrew

    Dead on post, Sherry. I’ve got 2 little ones myself and actually do have some of the toys being recalled. (Not the latest round from Mattel, but some of the Fisher-Price ones and the Thomas ones). It’s really sad and scary that there’ve been 3 major recalls in just a few weeks. Heck, the head of one of the companies in China responsible just committed suicide this past weekend over it. How messed up is that?

  4. Bea

    And did you know the CEO of one of the companies in China committed suicide after toy recall? This is more serious than people think. Lots of kids in danger and millions of dollars lost.

  5. Sherry

    @ Andrew & Bea – I had no idea about the CEO, I’m going to go read about it right now!

    @ AD – I know exactly what you mean, that’s not nagging really. I always say that, “made for children by children” but it’s really horrible.

    @ Andrea – Agreed. A lot of the recalls for choking hazards seem overboard. I do let Breanna play with toys that are technically not for her age but if something happened it would be my own fault, not the company’s fault. But the lead paint is just ridiculous.

  6. Anne Glamore

    It’s so hot here I bought a couple of HUGE boxes at the UHaul store and let the boys make a fort in the basement. They used safe cardboard and unsafe knives and scissors, but I had plenty of Toughstrip band-aids.

  7. Richard

    Buy American? Is there any manufacturing here at all? Personally I’d like to have every CEO in North America tried for treason. At the very least they’ve earned it.

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