ReviewMe – the new way to blog for money?

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I have to say one thing right off the bat: You need to know that this is a sponsored post. I’m not writing this because I was surfing around and came across something nifty, which is something I do from time to time. No, in this case, I had an opportunity to write a post about something and get paid for it, so here we go.

A lot of people got up in arms about the infamous PayPerPost. I have no real opinion of PayPerPost. I don’t really mind if someone writes reviews and gets paid for the. However, one thing about ReviewMe, a new pay-for-review system is that one major caveat is that blogger must disclose that they are reviewing a product and being paid for it. I think most people can figure out that if every second post is a review of some product or service, that person is probably raking in some cash to do it, but ReviewMe insists that you be honest from the get-go when you use their service. I like that, at least I know the facts.

I think the best thing about the service though is that unlike PPP, bloggers are not under any obligation to be positive and marketers must pay up even if their product or service gets a negative review. On PPP many marketers mention that they only want positive feedback or “buzz”. Some jilted bloggers have also complained that although the requirements stated that neutral tones were okay, they didn’t get paid in the end because the marketer really wanted positive, not just neutral and certainly not negative.

I don’t know how ReviewMe will do in the end. I don’t know how long marketers will keep paying out for the crapshoot of not knowing the type of feedback they’ll get. I don’t think it’s something that I would use often myself, although I have no problem with discussing a product or service that I really do like. Maybe if I see something that I genuinely have something to say about, I might go ahead and give it a review and if someone wants to throw a few bucks my way to do it, all the better for me; after all, I’ve already reviewed a camera phone in exchange for getting to keep it for free and a couple of books. I accepted all three of those offers because, like ReviewMe, I was under no obligation to put on a fake smile and gush positive feedback, I was allowed to be as honest as I wanted.

Overall, I think ReviewMe sounds interesting as long as it’s not abused and as long as it can honestly keep up with the payouts they promise. I don’t really see it as being much different from running various advertising campaigns, especially since readers know it’s sponsored right up front. I know I’ll be curious to watch its evolution.

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