Saturday date night

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This afternoon I walked the kids over to spend the day and evening with their friends. I celebrated by coming home and being borderline productive (I cleaned the kitchen, tidied the living room, and threw something in the washing machine; that’s about it) and then doing an hour and ten minutes of yoga with Kathryn Budig. Her Aim True DVD is absolutely outstanding and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves yoga.

(This post is NOT sponsored, I just tried the DVD for the first time today and loved it so much that I can’t resist telling everyone about it! If, however, Kathryn is interested in sending me her future stuff for reviews, my email address IS listed!)

Since the kids weren’t coming home until about 9:30 George suggested we use our Boston Pizza gift card and escape for a little dinner date. That sounded pretty good to me, so I even got dressed up.


George decided to see what the much-talked-about Thunder Mug was all about. It’s apparently all about being ginormous.


We foolishly chose to have the nacho appetizer plate. It was a good choice as far as it being delicious. I love nachos, especially when it comes with a side of guacamole and sour cream and has tons of black olives. The foolish part was that we were really hungry so we polished off almost the entire thing between us, at which point we could have just gone home, probably.


We had put our whole order in though, so out came George’s Crunchy Taco Beef Penne…


… and my Chicken Pesto Penne.


Let’s just say it’s a good thing you can bring home a doggy bag. I managed about a third of it before my body said, “dude. Enough!” It was so good too, I love pesto, but I couldn’t do another bite.

The waitress was cute. When we told her we needed to take the rest home because we were so full, she laughed and said, “I guess I don’t need to talk to you about the desserts then right?”

It was really great though, to just go for dinner together and have a quiet little date together and to talk and laugh without any interruptions. I wish we could do it more often but maybe doing it spontaneously at random intervals makes it even more special.

Happy Saturday!

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