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A letter from Jesus

If you’re deeply religious, this may be offensive, but I thought it was hilarious! A letter from Jesus.

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Anatomy of a great weekend + working out in the kitchen!

It wasn’t a long weekend here in Canada (our long weekend was last week). However, even though it was only two days long it was excellent.

Before the work day was even over I was able to slip downstairs during my work day to meet Prime Minister hopeful Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party. I was very happy to meet him, shake his hand, speak to him, and even get a (blurry as hell) photo with him. Good times! My mother screamed on the phone when I told her.


That was pretty exciting, I’m not gonna lie!

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And… end scene!

Today Hayley and Breanna went to visit their two friends for the day for a special Christmas party and to stay for dinner. This worked out well for us and not just in the obvious, “woohoo, peace and quiet for a handful of hours!” kind of way. Actually, there wasn’t much peace and quiet to start, alas. George had gotten some of the Christmas shopping done the other day but we still had a bit…


The other half of a good one

Sometimes I worry about these long four-day weekends because Hayley is used to every second being used up at school that I feel like I need to create a full schedule to fill in the time that she’s off. Then I remember that it’s FUN to just go with the flow and not necessarily have any set plans. Because that gives you time to just sit around eating too much Easter chocolate and spend another…


Friday Flashback # 13 – Like A Prayer

I could pretty much do an entire segment of Madonna flashbacks because I was such a huge Madonna fan throughout my teen years (still am, but not quite as hardcore now). I still remember standing on a window ledge in my grandmother’s house, a ledge that was actually huge and very much like a stage, and I would sing loudly to “Like a Virgin”, dancing around and having no actual understanding of what I was…


Picking up our bad habits

I say “Oh my God” a lot, and so does George. The kids, naturally, have picked up on that. Hayley isn’t so bad – I can tell her to stop and she will for awhile and she’s also old enough to know that it may be offensive to some people and that she should respect that and try very hard not to say it. Breanna, though, is only two so she doesn’t get it and…


Helping girls hate everything about their bodies earlier every year

I remember when I was a young girl in high school I hated so many things about myself. I hated my thick glasses that made me look like I was wearing Coke bottles on my face. I hated my hair because, although hairdressers loved its thickness, for me it just made it hard to do anything nice with it because at that age I possessed an ineptitude with anything that could be called styling; as a result, I had bushy hair. I didn’t hate my entire body but I wondered why I couldn’t have a little more cleavage, dammit. I was self-conscious about my teeth because my incisors were more prominent than the rest of them (actually, I’m still self-conscious about that).

In other words, I was a fairly typical teenage girl. Just about the only problem I didn’t have was an eating disorder because I was always thin. But I had all those other things, plus a horrible sense of fashion, an uncertainty about makeup (though that never stopped me from wearing it, which was probably unfortunate, what with all that blue eyeshadow and metallic pink lipstick that was “in” back then), and a burning need – like so many girls that age – to fit in, to cave to peer pressure, to follow all the trends so I could be as “cool” as everyone else.

I know this is one of the things lying ahead of me as the mother of two girls, having two beautiful girls who should have all the self-confidence in the world and who may not, no matter how much we both try to instill it in them. Look at the world around young girls – they see women on TV and in movies who are the size of a toothpick and they talk to magazines about what diet they follow or how many hours they work with a personal trainer. People call Jennifer Love Hewitt, a girl with a very normal and nice body (and awesome rack) fat after seeing her in an unflattering pose in a bikini when she was in a private moment – fat. FAT. If people think she’s fat just because she isn’t a stick figure with a bobble head, what do you suppose young girls think? Every few years, an article is released mentioning that eating disorders are hitting girls younger and younger. It’s disgusting.

And THEN I read this article called Why 10 is too young for your first Brazilian where it mentions that Nair released a special line of hair removal products which is ranged at girls age 10 to 15. Why? Why are girls as young as ten being encouraged to use a chemical to melt the hair off their legs and bikini lines? But that’s not the worst part.


Like mother, like daughter

Hayley is a huge snow fan. She could happily stay outside in the snow until she turns blue and freezes solid. When we went out today, she was running everywhere, hiding diamonds (chunks of ice) inside snow banks to hide them from the pirates (a game I invented for her because it was one Breanna could keep up with), and building a little winter fort under a tree for the fairies. I used to love…

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And all of a sudden she is five

So obviously I knew it was coming, but it was still a shock that this morning I woke Hayley up not by shaking her and saying, “time to get up for breakfast” but rather by singing Happy Birthday in her ear. She pretended to be asleep but she just hasn’t learned yet that giggling is a dead giveaway. She wasn’t too thrilled about going to school, but when we got there she immediately announced to…


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