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Anatomy of a great weekend + working out in the kitchen!

It wasn’t a long weekend here in Canada (our long weekend was last week). However, even though it was only two days long it was excellent.

Before the work day was even over I was able to slip downstairs during my work day to meet Prime Minister hopeful Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Liberal Party. I was very happy to meet him, shake his hand, speak to him, and even get a (blurry as hell) photo with him. Good times! My mother screamed on the phone when I told her.


That was pretty exciting, I’m not gonna lie!

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You’re still the one that I love, the only one I dream of

Somehow I’m finding myself in early September – with not a single thing written in all of August – and I still haven’t taken the time to share our wedding which happened almost a month ago on August 11th. It’s so hard to believe that it’s been that long already. For all the time it took for us to finally get to our wedding day, it went by so stereotypically fast and here we are, back in our regular routines. Except now we’re in our regular routines with a “Mr & Mrs” firmly attached as a prefix.


So although it’s been some time, let’s go back to August 11th, 2012, the day that Sherry and George got married.


On weddings and planking

I had a few brief moments of stress in regards to the rapidly approaching wedding, moments where I wondered if we could really get everything done in time, get everything we need. Then I applied some good old yoga thinking (and a little yoga breathing) and I just let it all go. Because the fact of the matter is that yes, we probably will get everything done in time, and yes we probably will get…


State of the nation address

On Tuesday, Breanna was standing in the doorway to the kitchen when she announced she felt like she would puke. Then she coughed, hiccuped, and did indeed puke all over herself. She did a repeat performance two more times (I have to give props to two guests who were here to do some music with George – they were sitting at the table with him, eating some wings for supper when Breanna upchucked for the…

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On the twelve days of Christmas…

WordGoddess gave to me… 12 people who’ve made a difference in your life this last year Hayley, of course Breanna, of course George, because otherwise there would be no Hayley or Breanna My parents My sister My grandmother The minister who did the funeral for my grandmother The other minister who spoke at the funeral George’s parents George’s sister Several friends offline A whole bunch of my imaginary friends who live inside the computer 11…

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Almost under attack

It’s not news anymore, the fact that 17 alleged would-be terrorists were arrested in Ontario over the weekend. I’ve been wanting to write something about it, but it’s been one of those weeks and between Breanna’s frustration over her teeth coming in, combined with almost being able to crawl now, and Hayley seeing just how much she can get away with before she pushes it too far, I just haven’t had a moment to be…

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