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What happens over 21 days of planking

I’ve probably said this before but it bears mentioning again; I am extremely competitive. I love a good challenge and if I can win a game (or better yet, a prize!) I am all over that. I’m not a poor loser by any means, but I definitely really want to win everything I play and I will do whatever it takes to try to make that happen. When one of my favourite fitness people, Bex…

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On weddings and planking

I had a few brief moments of stress in regards to the rapidly approaching wedding, moments where I wondered if we could really get everything done in time, get everything we need. Then I applied some good old yoga thinking (and a little yoga breathing) and I just let it all go. Because the fact of the matter is that yes, we probably will get everything done in time, and yes we probably will get…


A month of yoga

Back on January 1st I had no intentions of joining any kind of challenge, mainly to avoid falling into the new year’s resolution trap. I do enjoy making a few but anyone who is a regular gym member can tell you that while it’s easy to make big promises as you’re ringing in the new year, the novelty usually (not always) wears off and people stop doing what they said they would. It’s why I…

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Moments on a Sunday

Today ended up being a relatively pleasant day considering the fact that we had no great plans in store and that Sundays are often low-key anyway what with easing back into school and work. Moments that contributed to my Sunday: I did my third day in a row of the current BexLife challenge, doing ten burpees followed by a two-minute plank. Day one was easy. Day two and three were a bit harder now that…


What I do during tropical storms

Today Halifax was whomped by the tail end of Tropical Storm Sean which brought sheets of monsoon-like rain and gust of wind up to 90 km/hr. Seeing as how it was also Remembrance Day it was a bit disappointing since I’m sure a lot of people missed out on the various ceremonies around the city. On the other hand, it was especially heavy rain right at the time I would have been leaving for work…


Birthday lunch and turning seven

Before we left for Halifax (sigh, Halifax), we had figured that we’d have Hayley’s birthday party on September 19th since it was Saturday and the day before Hayley’s actual birthday. Then we realized that after a three-week trip we might be sort of short on funds for such an event. We ended up postponing the party until October 10th which will work much better. Also, since it’s Thanksgiving weekend one of our friends has offered…


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