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Things I wish I knew before I started meditating

There are so many things I wish I knew before I started meditating. Remember when meditation used to bring about images of Buddhist monks in robes, sitting in a cave high up in the mountains, thinking about nothing for hours and hours on end? To be honest, a lot of people STILL likely visualize that when someone mentions meditation. I didn’t quite think it was necessary to incorporate all of that, but I do admit…


Some creativity break-throughs

Despite the fact that I just wrote this morning about how I’m suffering from a bit of creative block, luckily I have managed to get some writing out there anyway. Over at Canada Moms Blog I wrote this post explaining about how the lack of volunteers has postponed Hayley’s school from opening its much-needed Breakfast Club – and how I’m pitching in by offering to set my alarm a bit earlier so that I can…

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Most inane infomercials in the middle of the night

If you should happen to find yourself staying up all night long like I’ve done just now, you might think, “ech, I’m not in the mood for the commitment that is required from a movie” and you’ll decide you’ll just watch television. You should be warned that unless you have really good channels in your television package you may be stuck with… The most inane infomercials that play at Dark O’Clock: Ab exercise programs that…

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Give a listen to George’s current music project

When George isn’t busy writing and recording his own songs or collaborations with his friend, he often works on music for other people. With his friend, he’s been working with their production company, Persued Productions, to create a gospel album by a local artist, Mark Henry. The last song they worked on was so incredible that they shot some video footage of it to get it up on YouTube. I’d love it if you could…

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A letter from Jesus

If you’re deeply religious, this may be offensive, but I thought it was hilarious! A letter from Jesus.

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Angel vs. Devil

I had sort of forgotten the insanity of having a kitten. I sort of remembered in a vague way (kind of the way you forget the fine details of that newborn-sleep-deprivation haze) and I had read Amanda‘s numerous posts about how crazy her kitten was when she first got him. Still, when Angel first arrived here in our home, she was so sweet that Sunday. She snuggled and slept with Hayley, she played in that…



So today, June 6th is also a 666 of sorts. The re-make of The Omen is being released today, I think it’s Slayer that is launching a new tour tonight, and some women had elective c-sections yesterday to make sure they didn’t go into labor and deliver today, while others have claimed they’ll name their baby Damien if they give birth today. And of course, as you’d expect, there are groups of religious zealots who…


Lactating Housewives

(That title should bring in the Google perverts, eh?) Last night I was pacing the living room with a fussy Breanna, watching “Desperate Housewives” on television. I haven’t watched it religiously this season because I find it’s gotten a little dull compared to last year. Still, I see it fairly regularly. Last night, Lynette was trying to hire a woman named Veronica to work at her office. The offer wasn’t that great but in the…


And my dog died too

Not too long ago we made a decision to consolidate some of our bills by getting a special trio package from Videotron, a local provider. Now instead of a ridiculous charge for our phone, plus a bill for satellite and another one for Internet access, we get our phone (VOIP), high speed, and digital cable on one bill for just over 80 bucks a month. This is a good deal since Bell Canada was charging…


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