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Saying goodbye

Thursday June 6th I was having the greatest day you can imagine on a work day. In the morning George had gotten up a little earlier than usual to make me eggs and toast to give me a break from my usual toast and peanut butter breakfast. It was a beautiful day so I took the bus right down to the waterfront and I sat on the boardwalk for half an hour and watched a jellyfish swim around the harbour, leaving me feeling relaxed before walking back to work. My work day was quiet enough to keep stress at bay and I had a couple of good meetings lined up that day. It was a fantastic Thursday.

Then a manager came and told me George had called the urgent line and needed me to call home. Hayley had had a stomach ache and I honestly thought that maybe he had to go take her to the clinic/ER and needed me to come home early to go get Breanna. I called back with that expectation. Imagine my shock when he told me my mother had just called and that my dad had passed away.

With my dad and mom shortly before we moved to Halifax
With my dad and mom shortly before we moved to Halifax

I wasn’t ready for that. I knew his health hadn’t been great for years and that he had been hospitalized for a couple of days recently for low potassium, but I had spoken to them on the Saturday and he was fine. I knew it would happen one day just like it does for all of us but I was incredibly unprepared for that phone call.

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2011 – A Year in Review

This was, obviously, a very big year for our family. I always enjoy looking back on what happened over the course of a year, but this one in particular. January: It got so incredibly cold that we made boiling water freeze instantly. February: George and I go out on a real date to celebrate twelve years together. March: I spill some really big news. April: Our van dies but we make the most of it…


Settling in (a virtual house tour!)

Boy it’s been awhile since I updated, hasn’t it? Then again I think it’s easy to understand why, what with moving two provinces over and all. I can’t possibly catch you up on everything that’s happened since we loaded up our moving truck but I can at least show you around our home, at least as far as we’ve set it up.

We actually had the living room more or less done the day after we unloaded the truck, the dining room was set up immediately afterwards, and the kitchen was the first room that I fully unpacked. The bedrooms came along next, then George started setting up his music room. The rec room is only partially done right now because we have a lot of boxes down there to go through, including some that are full of things that seemed important to pack but now don’t seem to fit in with our new home. In fact, we brought our big wall unit from the apartment specifically because I really loved it and right now it’s being stored in our shed because it just isn’t being needed after all. We did, however, at least set up a futon and a second television for the kids to use down there and I’ll start unpacking some of their toys and organizing those over the course of this week.

Ready for a tour? Here we go! The living room from a variety of angles. It’s a huge room and I LOVE it. Just a quick move of the coffee table and I’ve got plenty of space for yoga.

Living room

Looking forward

Full living room

There are quite a lot of pictures, let’s keep going.


How to change your life

I’ve been sitting on something for awhile and if you know me at all then you know how hard that is for me to do. If you tell me a secret I will keep it, but if there’s something going on in my own life I want to blablabla about it.

A blogger who likes to talk about stuff going on in her life. Imagine that.

Anyway, it’s very big news. Probably the biggest news I’ve had in years. It’s big enough that we had to tell some people offline before I could go and shout it from the rooftops to the masses.

No. I’m not pregnant. Seriously, no. But instead of spelling it all out right away, first let me give you all a hint.


Looking back on a recap of 2018

So am I the only one who is still a little bit shell-shocked over the fact that we are somehow in 2019 already? To be honest, I’m not even sure what happened to December. Or really, most of the entire year. It went by so fast, even if some individual days were slow. I figured it would be a good idea to do a brief recap of 2018 to share some of my personal highs…


Watching Hayley at school

On Friday I had an interesting opportunity to see Hayley in a school environment. The schools always have a Terry Fox Run annually, and the teacher had sent home a note saying that if any parents wanted to come out and run, walk, or just stand on the side to cheer, that they would love to have us. It was a nice day after a night of rain, so I took Breanna and went up.…

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