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How to turn your daughters into tramps

I love to watch shows like Dancing With the Stars, and on occasion I will watch So You Think You Can Dance. I love movies that deal with cheerleading. Heck, at one time in my life I wished I was coordinated enough to be a cheerleader myself. I took ballet for almost a decade. While I won’t actively seek it out, I love to watch figure skating. All of those things have several things in…



I have so many good memories of my grandmother. We spent so many weekends, holidays, and summers at her house growing up. It’s funny the way a lifetime of memories suddenly flash by, like little snippets out of chronological order. Getting dressed for ballet on Saturday mornings while watching cartoons. Playing “chicken fireman” on the slide and swingset in the backyard. Having friends over for hot dogs at lunch. The way I used to singlehandedly…

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