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Holiday Gift Guide for the Stressed Out Person in your life

Once upon a time I was a child of the 80s and I had no idea what stress was. I went to school, came home, played with Barbies in my room or GI Joe figures outside with the boy up the street, and spent my weekend and summers out on my bike. There was no stress. Perhaps you grew up like this too. Then we grew up and found jobs, got our own apartments or…

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Holidays are making me flip upside down

This weekend one of our Advent activities was to put up the tree. I hate to admit it but nothing ruins my holiday spirit quite like setting up the tree with the lights – even with a pre-lit tree! One section of our tree’s lights ended up being burnt out so George had to buy a small string for me to weave around that one area, and that worked fine. Luckily then we were able…


A photo post

Whenever I leave home, I almost always have at least one bag with me, and if it’s just one then it’s my camera bag. Sometimes I take my purse too, depending on where I’m going. But I usually have at least the one, and as far as Breanna is concerned, a bag is a bag. She must have gotten the habit from me, but now if we’re going out somewhere, she wants to take her…


Tomorrow is D Day

I’m not ready to write about my grandmother yet; I want to compose my thoughts a little better and process today before I try. Suffice it to say that as far as a funeral can be, it was a wonderful service with great anecdotes and some lovely thoughts spoken by both the reverends who were there. Instead, I’ll write about tomorrow. Despite tomorrow being the last Saturday and the second to last day before Christmas,…

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