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Keep the faith

This morning I was preparing my second cup of coffee (and honestly, I could use another two or three today if only it didn’t make me shake and feel like crap after the first two) while holding Breanna. She was staring with big, curious eyes while I spooned out the coffee and measured the sugar so I explained it to her. “You see, Breanna, this is my religion. I don’t have to go to a…


Things I wish I knew before I started meditating

There are so many things I wish I knew before I started meditating. Remember when meditation used to bring about images of Buddhist monks in robes, sitting in a cave high up in the mountains, thinking about nothing for hours and hours on end? To be honest, a lot of people STILL likely visualize that when someone mentions meditation. I didn’t quite think it was necessary to incorporate all of that, but I do admit…


A return to running

Back when I was diagnosed with vertigo, one of the first things that occurred to me was that it was going to put a massive cramp in my training. For the past three years I ran in the Bluenose Marathon weekend that takes place every May long weekend here in Halifax. The first year I ran the 5K race. I had been on the cross-country running team back in my high school years, but I…


Not keeping up very well

So apparently this year I’m sucking at the Holidailies thing. I just haven’t felt like updating. I’ve been too busy with other things during the day and then by evening I’m kind of tired and brain-dead. On the other hand I can’t quite think of anything in particular that I did that would keep me from sitting down and typing up a quick update. Ah well. Anyway, I haven’t dumped or edited any photos in…



Today is Remembrance Day here in Canada. In the U.S. it’s Veteran’s Day but it’s essentially the same thing. It’s a day where we stop for just a moment to think of all the people who fight for freedom and for our protection and to remember those who sacrificed their lives for us. I always take this time to not only thank all those I have never met and never will, but I thank my…

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Reading material

I went through a reading slump recently that was kind of driving me crazy. Really, it started in Halifax. I optimistically packed several books in my suitcase and then George and I ended up at a Chapters bookstore (oh Chapters, how I missed you) so I bought myself a copy of Keeping Faith by Jodi Picoult. What a crazy person I was. There was no time for reading! Not really, anyway. I did manage to…


Sewing dolls and mending hearts

(Amanda should beware reading this while at work and should have tissues handy.) Ever since my grandmother passed away on December 20th, I’ve been sad about it and I miss her. At the same time though, I know that her quality of life wasn’t as great as it once had been. I still remember that back when she was in her 80s she would still go up to the second floor of her house, open…


Ads on blogs – great trend or utter crap?

Cathy argues the reasons why ads aren’t an improvement in the evolution of blogging. ——- Why do you blog? For hits, for comments, for notoriety, for a steady stream of virtual pats on the back? If so, then bring on the ads. It’s a win-win: You’re even more motivated to bring in visitors, because they bring dollars with them. And your advertisers are happy, because you’re the ideal vehicle for their messages. They don’t care…


Grieving uterus

Something had been bothering me since Breanna was born (almost four months ago, hard to believe!). I finally mentioned it to George a few weeks ago in the hopes that saying it out loud would make it go away, but it hasn’t so maybe “typing it out loud” will help. I’m sad. Actually, that’s not really accurate. That makes it sound like I’m sad because I wanted a cookie and there are none left, or…


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