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5 books that have helped with my stress & anxiety

I’ve done a lot of things over the years to work on managing my anxiety and also the stress levels that create even MORE anxiety. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to anxiety and panic attacks, less is truly more! I started off by learning to do yoga in my living room back in 2010. In 2012 I added running – something I used to do on the cross country team back…


How to stay healthy at a desk job

I think that probably the vast majority of us work in some sort of office space, whether it’s in your home or an office building. This leads to a lot of sitting down all day and letting our health slide. Luckily it’s not hard to stay healthy at a desk job – you just have to put a little mindfulness into it! When you read some of these tips, you might find that you think,…


In a nutshell

I knew I hadn’t gotten around to updating for awhile but I hadn’t realized just how long it had been until my sister emailed me to see if I was okay. When your own family member (especially one who has a tendency to skimp on blogging herself, ahem!) notices your unplanned leave of absence you know it’s been awhile. Obviously I can’t catch you up on every single day, nor would you want to know…


Under the weather

I hate to be dramatic and whiny but I think I’m coming down with something and that’s a little bit unfair since I was just sick with an unpleasant cold just recently. It should be illegal for a virus to strike you down within a certain time frame of another. Last night I felt tired and drained so I actually fell into bed before 11 pm which is something I don’t normally do unless I…


Leaps and bounds

I think that part of the reason that I’ve had some trouble posting over here lately is that I don’t want to inundate my blog with yoga, yoga, yoga. And sometimes all I want to do is talk about yoga, yoga, yoga. Then I realized that this is my blog (duh, I’m slow on the uptake sometimes) and so if that’s what I want to talk about, I can go right ahead and do that.…


Stories that stick – a meme

I don’t normally take part in memes over here but if Kate asks me to do one then you’d better believe I’ll do one! Besides, this one’s literary so it’s different! Besides, I could win an advance copy of her new book and I really want to read it, so here goes! 1) You are facing an epic journey. You may choose one companion, one tool and one vehicle from any book or film to…

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Favorite foods to eat

After my last post where I lamented over lunch, reader Shelly emailed me to ask me what my favorite foods are. First of all, thanks for the post idea, this makes a perfect list (and please feel free to email me with other topic suggestions!). So! My favorite things to eat in no particular order: Butter chicken – I will eat pretty much any Indian food at this point, but I still have a long-term…


Outside all day = good sleep for everyone

Yesterday we decided it was the perfect day to just get out of the house and not come back until the day was done. So that’s exactly what we did. We started the day off by going to our favorite used bookstore. I love books and I love bookstores, but USED bookstores are my favorite. I can easily spend hours poking around – or I could if I didn’t have two kids following me around.…


Being a mom

Catherine, over at Her Bad Mother wrote a post about what she loves about being a mom. She then asked if I would participate – I agreed but warned her that my post would either be cutesy/sappy or highly sarcastic depending on the day I had had with them when I wrote it. Luckily for my kids, it was a pretty good day. I had many ridiculously adorable moments, such as having Breanna “exshersize” with…


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