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ReviewMe – the new way to blog for money?

I have to say one thing right off the bat: You need to know that this is a sponsored post. I’m not writing this because I was surfing around and came across something nifty, which is something I do from time to time. No, in this case, I had an opportunity to write a post about something and get paid for it, so here we go. A lot of people got up in arms about…

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Baby Einstein blog tour

Just so you know, I’m a big fan of the Baby Einstein, er, empire. I always enjoyed them and so did Hayley. Breanna did too but didn’t get to see as many since Hayley got her interested in somewhat “older” kid shows. However, I got to review a new Baby Einstein DVD on a blog tour, and my review is over here.

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Book review

I have a piece of paper here on my desk with a bunch of scrawled notes about things I want to post to my blog, but in the meantime, I do have a book review up for a wonderful book called The Sky Isn’t Visible From Here – and if you haven’t read it, you really should (that goes for the review AND the book!). It’s -17C without the wind, Hayley’s home sick from school,…

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Telescope toy review

There will be another entry up later today (or this evening), but in the meantime, I was lucky enough to receive a complimentary Spark Talking Telescope from the Discovery Store and I have posted a review of it up in my review blog.

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That Baby DVD and That Baby CD review

I’ll be posting another entry later today (perhaps when I’ve had another coffee), but in the meantime, I received a complimentary copy of That Baby CD and That Baby DVD in exchange for a review. The short version is we loved both, but you can read my full review over here in my review blog.

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Book review

I have a book review up in my review blog that you should check out if, like me, you’re someone who likes using Google to figure out what’s wrong with you or how to treat something, because this book is like having Google in your hands!

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Our Advent activity calendar so far

This season, inspired by Andrea, I created an advent calendar full of activities instead of chocolate (the kids aren’t deprived, they still have the chocolate one too), with one thing for each day up until December 25th. I thought it was such a great idea, so I used a variety of papers and leftover gift bags to make envelopes, strung up a cord across our living room entertainment unit, and used clothes pegs to hang…


There is a plus side to illiteracy

Reading is a wonderful thing. I was that stereotype girl with thick glasses, out-of-control-hair, bad fashion sense, and a nose perpetually stuck in a book. I still love reading even if I don’t make as much time for reading of the book variety (I read a lot of stuff online of course). Hayley loves reading too and she’s getting better and better at it. A couple of weeks ago she took Are You My Mother?…


Jump Start

Over in my review blog, I reviewed a great game for young kids called Jump Start World, which I received courtesy of Parent Bloggers Network. Feel free to check out what I thought if you’re in the market for a fun game that helps your kids learn at the same time.

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