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Learning to read

A little while ago, the Parent Bloggers Network launched a review campaign for a DVD series, Your Baby Can Read. It’s a set of DVDs and educational flashcards created by… Read more »

Disclosure policy

Here’s my official disclosure policy for my weblog: I get paid to write occasional reviews of services and products. I am given access to a list of websites where the… Read more »


The blogosphere recently went crazy over PayPerPost, a word of mouth marketing site where bloggers can make money for advertising products and services. A lot of people have been negative… Read more »

For the record

For people who like to use information off my website against me, you should note that the camera phone I own was given to me for free from Matchstick, a… Read more »

Free stuff rocks

About a week and a half ago, I got an email from Yvonne, from a company called Matchstick, an innovative “buzz marketing” company. Essentially, rather than using the traditional forms… Read more »