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You call me a dork like it’s a bad thing

I got myself a little somethin’. Like Amy mentioned, I think it would make an excellent friendship screening device. If I wear it out somewhere and someone sees it and knows what it’s all about, then they can automatically be my friend. Unfortunately, I know my area very well. I wouldn’t be surprised if no one recognized it at all, and if someone did, with my luck it would be a 14-year old boy. That’s…


It’s like Jurassic Park in there

So most people have seen “Jurassic Park” yes? Remember when they show the raptors inside their area and they’re attacking the electric fence systematically and Dr. Grant is in awe and says, “They’re testing the fence for weakness”? That’s what it feels like in my uterus right now. She’s a fairly active baby in general as it is, but for the past 20 minutes I have felt a constant pushing starting at one side and…

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It’s the end of the world as we know it

(and I feel fine) First of all I’d like to say that I do not in any way believe that the world is ending on December 21st. I believe the Mayans were an incredibly advanced ancient civilization (just look at Chichen Itza which is an amazing calendar tool) but I don’t believe they can predict the end of the world. However, you never know. No one ever expects the end of the world to ever…

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Like aunt, like niece

It’s not uncommon to – even involuntarily – compare your kids to their parents. Is she more like Mom or more like Dad? When it comes to Breanna though, she has a habit that always reminds me of my sister which is funny since they don’t see each other very often due to Geography so it’s not something that she picked up from her aunt. When Amanda was younger and going to school I vividly…


It’s going to be a strange week

I am so utterly confused by this week. I’ve been off since it started. Monday was a ped day so Hayley was home, making for a long weekend. That meant that Tuesday felt like the beginning of the week to me. Last night she couldn’t sleep because she didn’t feel well and she was feverish this morning so she stayed home today with some random ailment (much like the one Breanna had on Friday and…

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What a Panic Attack Feels Like

Have you ever wondered what a panic attack feels like? Because believe me I can tell you. I  have dealt with them and with anxiety in general for decades. Here’s what a panic attack has often felt like to me: <hr width=”85%”> You’re fine. You’re walking down the street, the same street as any other day. Maybe it’s a nice day. Maybe the temperature is just that perfect midpoint between cold and hot. A gentle…


It’s not even my country and I’m riveted

I think I had something in mind to write about today but whatever it was, I don’t remember and I can’t anyway. That’s because despite the fact that I’m Canadian, I am completely glued to election coverage. I can’t get enough of it. George is watching NCIS but he flips over to CNN on the commercials. Since that’s not enough for me, I’m also keeping a close eye on because their front page has…


Tell me what you like

Over at Sweetney, she was asking for some recommendations, media-wise. I thought I might enjoy some similar commentary over here, especially since I am doing much better in the reading department than I have been the past few years. It’s still nothing like my reading used to be pre-kids, but it’s better than nothing. Thus, here are my recommendations to you and in return, in comments, do the following. Recommend: 1. A book you’ve read…


It’s crazy but true

Two pictures, taken almost ten months apart. How she went from day one to the last day in the blink of an eye is beyond me. Last night, after she fell asleep, I made her grad cap. Luckily for me, I inherited my mother’s crafting genes because the instructions I had left out a few steps so there was a bit of cursing involved but I got it done. I had planned to surprise her…


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