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Better visuals

Much to my shock today, I walked out of my eye exam with my crappy glasses in my purse and brand new (one would hope) disposable contact lenses pressed firmly… Read more »

JOYS in our home

Jessica is asking us what brings us joy. She’d like to know what brings us joy in our everyday life, our wealth, our health, our homes, our interests. How about… Read more »

Web 2.0 Reality TV

PayPerPost is doing it again. Not only do they offer bloggers an honest way to make money by blogging, but now they present their very own reality tv show with… Read more »

A show of hands?

I’m curious about something. I’m wondering how many people still use their regular phone company service and how many are using VOIP now? We made the switch awhile ago after… Read more »

Entry up!

There’s a new journal entry up, detailing the surgery a bit and some new pictures too. In the entry I mention that Breanna and I have an appointment tomorrow with… Read more »