Sensitive friend to all animals

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Hayley is so sensitive sometimes that it amazes me. Lately there have been a lot of snails around our place – at the park, in the field, on the sidewalks, everywhere. I’m used to finding them sometimes (and usually when we find them, the shells are already empty) but I’ve never seen so many all at once.

The other night it rained and there were snails everywhere, all over the sidewalks. A few of them had been stepped on and crushed and Hayley was horrified. Before we could go anywhere, she had to save the snails. She crouched down carefully on the sidewalk and she would gently tap the top of the shell until the snail went back inside. Then she picked each one up and placed it out of harm’s way on the grass where it would be safer. Lather, rinse, repeat.

When she had finished being a superhero, we started to leave when she spotted a few more further away. I was in a bit of a hurry so I told her it was okay, we could just leave those ones, they’d likely make it to the grass on their own. My sensitive little girl looked up at me with tears in her eyes and asked me please, couldn’t she just go save those ones too.

Please, what could I do? I was completely powerless to such a heartfelt and not all that unreasonable request. And so Hayley saved three more snails that day.

Tiniest firefighter

We left the one that we saw on a fire hydrant though, figuring he was definitely out of danger of being accidentally squished way up there. Besides, we thought he might be the world’s tiniest firefighter and maybe he was on duty in case of a sudden fire. We didn’t want him to lose his job, so he got to stay put.

I’ve always known Hayley is a sensitive kid, but I never realized it extended to the planet’s slimy creatures too.


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3 thoughts on “Sensitive friend to all animals

  1. Cindy

    That is the cutest thing I have read – ever!!!

    Hopefully, she wont turn up with a dead bird and want to make it a casket and tomb stone and bury it. I asked him “where did you put the bird and your supplies?” follow him around the house as he pointed to a spot and then I cleaned!!!

    He meant well!!! Every now and then he asks me if we can go see “birdy’s grave”.

    Kids, gotta love em!

  2. Richard L Walker

    … and another time they might come upon a bunch of ants, jump on them and yell, “DIE.” Loved the snail tale.

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