Signs of summer

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Everyone has signs they recognize as the arrival of spring. Up here, in particular, I start looking for them after a long and obnoxious winter. It might be the first robin of the season, or the first buds that pop out on a tree. Maybe a dandelion sprouts up all of a sudden or, my favorite, people start driving their motorcycles. This isn’t just limited to spring though; there are also some sure signs of summer, all of which I saw this weekend.

Inviting blue water beckoning.

The blues

Homemade sangria on the deck.


Swimming in the pool (even if it took forever for my wimpy self to get in).

Splish splash

Deep thoughts, poolside.

Summer thoughts

Seasoning dinner (which was eaten outside on the deck while the birds sang) with fresh basil.


Beautiful flowers.

Reaching for the sun

Setting aside old fears and learning to submerge all the way under water (doing so in a hot tub is apparently less scary than in the pool).

Submerged I did it!

Beautiful dusk skies.

Night skies

Watermelon and red wine on the deck.

Summer setting

Evening snacks outdoors.

Nom nom

And of course, as much as these are all sure signs that summer is here, there’s also the undeniable factor which is never as easy to photograph – the joys of spending and afternoon and evening with friends (kids and adults alike) with tons of laughing and chatting and reveling.

Yup. Must be summer.

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2 thoughts on “Signs of summer

  1. vTg

    Gorgeous photos!

    Not wanting to be a worry wart, but careful about heads going under in hot tubs- a child here died a few years ago when her hair was caught in the filter. No idea of the details beyond that but it was very sad…

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