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Today was a good day. We had Breanna’s birthday party this afternoon with six of her friends, one of Hayley’s friends, and my niece coming over to celebrate with her. After that we headed downtown with some friends to see the Christmas tree being lit up in the square. We came back and hung out a bit before driving them home and it was just really nice from start to finish.

However, I haven’t edited any of the photos so I’ll wait to write about those events. Instead I’m just going to share four photos to show what happens when my sister and I get together.

George tried to take a nice picture of Amanda but I had to do a photobomb because I couldn’t resist.


Then George told me to knock it off so we posed politely for a serious photo which turned out rather nicely.


But then we devolved back into silliness with this nonsense.


And I demonstrated proof that I may be watching too much of The Walking Dead.


These are the kinds of moments I missed when Amanda moved out here five years before I did. It’s nice to be able to be silly with someone.

Even when you’re pretending to eat their brain.

And apropos of nothing to do with the above pictures, I love this shot that she caught of me with George and her daughter Claire.

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