Starting from scratch

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Back when blogs first started up I had a habit of blowing mine up at random and moving it about to different directories at will. I don’t really know why. It was never a matter of drama, and it was drama-free this time too. I just felt like a change.

In all honesty I felt stifled on my previous blog for no particular reason. I think it was mainly that my writing focus was changing and I felt strangely “required” to keep with my current theme. I decided to move all my old stuff over to this site mainly for archiving purposes. Eventually I might just password protect them all but for now most of the entries are still there for reading.

And now here I am. I’ve made some changes besides starting from scratch. I decided to remove myself from BlogHer Ads for instance. I loved being affiliated with them but it just wasn’t worthwhile for me because my blog just wasn’t making much money with them. When I get a few free moments I’ll probably put some Adsense code up here to go along with the ads I used over at my work blog.

Anyway, that’s about it. I have stories to tell but it’s somehow already 11:30 pm and I really should think about making my way to bed. Welcome to the new-but-not-really-new blog.

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5 thoughts on “Starting from scratch

  1. vTg

    Yikes! Thanks for letting us know about the change, and I hope the new look gives you some new inspiration 🙂 I always enjoy reading your blogs! Would love to be able to keep accessing your archive as, having jumped aboard only a few years ago, it’s great to be able to “catch up” on things from years ago.

    Will you re-add your Flickr link? (Please?!) I often head over there after reading your posts…
    Not that I’m trying to be demanding…….. 😉
    Looking forward to the “New You”! -V


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