Tea time

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The other day I was quickly doing some cleaning up in Hayley’s disaster room and I put Breanna in her car seat. I asked Hayley to entertain her so I could finish, and she decided to teach Breanna how to hold a tea cup.

“Mom. Seriously. SERIOUSLY. What is up with this tea party stuff?”

Hayley thought it was pretty nifty that she got to have a tea party with her sister. I think she’s going to have so much fun as Breanna becomes more and more able to do things with her.

“Sorry Mom, no tea left for you, get back to cleaning!”

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7 thoughts on “Tea time

  1. Sherry

    Bwah! I was totally thinking of GA when I wrote the seriously part. 🙂

    That was heavy. I can not believe they pulled a cliffhanger on me. I have to wait until next week? Seriously?!

  2. shirley

    your babies are so cute,I still cant get used to seeing a dark-haired-dark eyed baby in your home. If she did’nt look so much like her daddy I would think that maybe you brought the wrong baby home from the hospital. thanks for the pictures. I had three daughters close in age. They are grown now,but I still cherish the memories and photos. They grow up so fast,enjoy them while you can. love ya bunches

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