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Over at Sweetney, she was asking for some recommendations, media-wise. I thought I might enjoy some similar commentary over here, especially since I am doing much better in the reading department than I have been the past few years. It’s still nothing like my reading used to be pre-kids, but it’s better than nothing. Thus, here are my recommendations to you and in return, in comments, do the following.


1. A book you’ve read in the past year that you would gladly read again (and probably will).
A Thousand Splendid Suns – I can not express strongly enough just how much I loved this book. It immediately took over in the “my favorite book ever” slot. It’s not an easy book, in that I spent a great deal of it either sobbing or holding my breath, but it will give you a glimpse into life in Afghanistan from the Soviet takeover up to almost present day like nothing else. The characters will make you hope for something better. The man is one of the most gifted authors I have ever read.

2. A film you’ve seen in the past year that, after viewing, you wanted to tell everyone you know to see.
I haven’t been watching that many movies really. I guess I would say I Am Legend. Will Smith is great, but he’s spectacular in this movie, carrying most of it on his own. It was also a fairly scary movie – not scary like a top notch horror movie would be, but scary in that “this is kind of believable, and that is AWFUL” way.

3. A song you’ve heard in the past year that genuinely moved you in some way.
“Sure Looks Good to Me” – Alicia Keys

4. A YouTube video you’ve watched in the past year that totally cracked your shit up, or amazed you, or made such a strong impression on you that you’ve felt compelled to show it to everyone you know.
The parody infomercial for “Clitter” (use caution, you may not want to watch it if you have young children who a. know where their vagina is and b. have access to craft supplies).

Your turn!

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4 thoughts on “Tell me what you like

  1. Jerri Ann

    I only chose to comment on this one to show you what a lame and lazy and pathetic person I am.

    Book I’ve read in the last year (and would read again)? Nothing, not one single book unless you consider kids boks and I don’t

    A film I’ve seen in the last year? None, do not watch them, periods.

    A song I’ve heard in the last year? Nothing in particular that I care enough about that I can even remememer it right now.

    A Youtube video? ahhhahhh got one of these, I’m shallow like that. I’ve got 2, one is the “Pearl as the Landord” and another is one where Wayne has juiced up this remote control truck with old dril batteries and it will pull amazing things….links to follow of each…

    if that doesn’t work, then the link is

    The other is homemade by me and my family.


  2. GM

    I just finished Thousand Splendid Suns. I’m *so* glad I didn’t read that too close to The Kite Runner. Both were heavy books.

    Love the picture of your daughter below, LOL. Yes, her face says it all. 🙂

  3. Mar

    I have to agree with 1000 Splendid Sons. I also really enjoyed The Glass Castle and am currently reading the Birth House. Oh, and Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella is a great read for a change of pace.

  4. Karen

    I recently finished Made in the USA, by Billie Letts. I would recommend it to anyone. About a 15 yr old girl and 11 year old brother that take off for Las Vegas in their father’s ex-girlfriend’s car when she fell down dead in the local Wal Mart. They were going to look for their dad who left them a year earlier. They go through a lot and it’s a really good read. I shed a few tears here and there through it, like with all of her books.

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