Thank god

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I’m wearing my first pair of pre-pregnancy jeans today. I have to wear a long shirt, mind you, but I’m just happy because I wore the same black maternity pants for two weeks straight because everything else was too big, too small, or pajamas. Even that one pair had become loose enough that I kept pulling them up yesterday.

To balance out that joy, I was dressed less than five minutes when I had to feed Breanna and I promptly leaked two gallons of breastmilk all over my shirt. Alas.

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4 thoughts on “Thank god

  1. Shauna

    Another almost for me, a few more days before I get into mine. My maternity stuff is ginormous. Do you find it hard physically losing the weight so fast? I find my self starving and getting the shakes if I don’t constantly eat yet loosing almost a pound a day. I’m literally 9lbs off my prepregancay weight its just the belly flab to loose.

  2. Sherry

    Shauna – yeah I get weak and jittery if I haven’t eaten enough. It’s nice to lose the weight but it IS a bit fast considering how long it takes to put it on.

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