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My day started off wonky. When I got downtown I stopped in a store and I bought myself some granola bars for my snack times and to have change for the bus. As the woman handed me my change I came very close to wishing her a nice weekend and then I remembered that it was only Thursday and I must get up early tomorrow morning to get the kids ready for school. I had had nice thoughts of sleeping in a bit, making pancakes for breakfast, and then lazing about on the couch with my Kindle. Alas. Only one more day.

Anyway. I wanted to wish all my American friends a happy Thanksgiving. Although we had ours last month up here in Canuckistan, I am always envious when I know that millions of people just below the border are eating turkey dinners with cranberries and stuffing.

Despite the fact that I’m not American and already had Thanksgiving, I am still grateful for many things. In no particular order here are just a handful of many of those things:

  • My family, and that includes the family in this house, my own family, my extended family, and the friends that just feel like family.
  • Having a great job in an amazing company when I know not everyone has that. I’m human and I have my days where I would rather just stay home in my pajamas than go to work but I do enjoy what I do, I’m getting better at it every day, and I love the people I work with and for.
  • Living here. I miss so many people and even a few things from back home but this is home now and I really do love it here.
  • Yoga and everything it does for me.
  • This glass of red wine I’m enjoying right now.
  • Tim Horton’s ridiculously delicious ginger molasses cookies.
  • Bus schedules that were back to normal so that I was able to get to work nice and early (so I can eat lunch before I start) and got home by 9:25.
  • A relaxing weekend ahead, looking for the next best book to read.
  • Funny stuff like this making me laugh.
  • Being voted in as one of the top 25 mom blogs (thank you for voting!).

There are probably all kinds of other things I’m forgetting but let’s just say I’m thankful for a lot of things. What are you grateful for?

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