The Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax Nova Scotia

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Exciting for both tourists and locals are the great events that are held in Halifax throughout the year. One such event that is especially popular is the Atlantic Film Festival. Held over 10 days, the event recognises films from local provinces, as well as from all over the world.

This is considered to be one of the top four film festivals that are held in Canada and it is a great event to attend. If it gets to the time when this festival will be held, those involved bustle around to make sure everything is ready. All the while attendees amuse themselves by going shopping or playing Foxy Bingo, while eagerly awaiting the opening day.

The series of outdoor screenings, alFresco filmFesto, was started in 2001 and has quickly grown into a hotly-anticipated event. Held in the summer on the Halifax waterfront, hundreds of movie fans flock to each screening and it is always a resounding success.

A year after the launch of alFresco filmFesto, ViewFinders: International Film Festival for Youth was started. It is geared towards children of school age, their families and teachers. Held during April and lasting for five days, the festival consists of screenings, panels, workshops and even a ViewFinders Movie Challenge.

The role that the Atlantic Film Festival plays in the world of film and television in Atlantic Canada is a significant one. The wide range of master-classes, panels and workshops help to raise people’s awareness of the way the industry is developing, and allow them to practice and learn the skills that are essential to making it in the film industry today.

Furthermore, the Inspired Script program allows people to pitch their scripts to potential buyers and others can dissect documentaries in order to learn how to make the best of their ideas. The Atlantic Film Festival’s Industry Session will help attendees to develop their skills further, meet people and make valuable connections.

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  1. Mary Ann Torres

    Halifax has so much to offer. Now I understand why your family and you wanted to move there. Between your new job and weekends filled with many different things to do, you must be very busy and happy.


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