The best laid plans of mice and men…

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… often go awry. But sometimes there’s a happy ending nonetheless.

On Friday we hopped in the minivan and headed out to visit my parents for the day. Part of our visit was also to get my dad back online with a new-to-him computer. You could tell it was a holiday because there was traffic everywhere. On top of that, this idiotic province figured it was a good idea to close down tons of streets for construction on a long holiday weekend where people frequently travel about the city. Brilliant.

With all the stop and go and stop and go our van ended up overheating when we were 3/4 of the way there which was just effin’ perfect. Luckily we have a CAA membership and it proved to be worth every penny when George was able to call and ask for help. Unfortunately the trucks can really only accommodate two passengers so George had to call his dad to come pick up me and the two kids.

On the other hand it was the middle of the day, sunny, and quite warm so it wasn’t the end of the world. We had pulled in to the parking lot of a Petro Canada gas station which backed onto a McDonalds so I sat on the Mickey D’s terrace with the kids once the CAA truck showed up. George drove the van up onto the ramp, hopped in the truck, and left; ten minutes later his dad arrived and we headed for home, deciding to save our visit for another day.



Golden Arches

When we were almost home George called and said his dad should just drop me off and take the kids over for supper because his sister was on her way for the weekend. That left just the two of us at home.

Back at Christmas my sister and her husband gave us a gift certificate for Boston Pizza to enjoy a night out together. We decided to call our friends and see if they’d care to join us (the restaurant isn’t too far so we could have gotten there anyway, we just wanted good company!) and indeed they did. We had a great time.

George had Jambalaya Linguine:

Evening out

Meanwhile I tried their famous Spicy Perogie pizza which was delicious:

Evening out

I love having a planned event or get-together to look forward to but honestly some of the best times have all been the spontaneous sort. There’s just something really fun about suddenly saying, “hey why don’t we…?” and then doing it.

So it wasn’t the Friday we had planned on, but at least it had a good save in the end!

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3 thoughts on “The best laid plans of mice and men…

  1. Richard Walker

    Jambalaya linguine … I could seriously enjoy something like that. There used to be a restaurant in town that would take classical flavor combinations and apply them to pasta dishes. They were terrific.

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