The Simplest Way to Drink More Water

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No kidding. This simple way to drink more water is so obvious that you might already be doing it, and if you’re not you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it sooner. I know *I* wanted to know why I didn’t already figure this out.

the simplest way to drink more water busy zen life

The simplest way to drink more water

So we all know we need to drink an adequate amount of water to function properly. Our bodies need it and we have a tendency to deny ourselves because we’re too busy drinking coffee and alcohol, or sugary fruit juice and pop.

Drinking water affects our cells, our joints, our brains, and our overall well being. While too much water can cause life-threatening harm, most of us are not in danger of overdoing it. We’re usually too busy being dehydrated.

Any time I have any sudden weird health hiccup I try water first. Headache? Could be dehydrated, let me sip some water. Dizzy? Little bit of water please. Tummy troubles? Definitely pass me a glass of water.

Still, despite my awareness of my need for water, I know I’m not drinking enough most of the time. My job involves speaking so you would think I’d actually drink a ton of water because my throat gets dry, but no. I just don’t, usually because I’m busy.

However, recently I noticed the easiest way for me to drink more water so I’m not dehydrated. It turns out that sometimes size DOES matter.

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I need to buy myself a new water bottle because my old one is on the leaky side. Strangely, carrying a drippy water bottle in my purse is unappealing. Because I need to take the time to go buy a new one but keep forgetting to do so when I’m ever at the store, I’ve been buying water in the morning.

I just want to interrupt myself here to state the obvious: This isn’t good. Buying bottled water = lots of non-biodegradable plastic sitting in landfills until the end of time. I know. I really must get a new bottle ASAP.

However, because I am buying water, I caught on to something. Usually I would buy the smaller 500 ml size because it’s the cheapest at roughly a buck apiece. I would drink it throughout the day, usually refilling it from the cooler once in the late afternoon. Then that refill would last me until I went to bed, often not even finished.

That is not a lot of water.

Then one day I noticed the bigger 1 liter bottle was only 20 cents more. I bought it and drank it all, then refilled it and drank about half of it. This was a lot more water in my day.

I realized that it came down to perception. My goal was always to drink it all by my 4(ish) pm break at work. Visually, I would see I had 3/4 of a bottle left, then half, then a quarter, and so on. But even with a bigger bottle holding a lot more water, I would still eyeball it the same way, drinking more at a time.

Essentially I was tricking my brain into drinking more. “Oh! I still have half a bottle left, I should take a few seconds to drink some!” In the end I was now drinking about six glasses of water per day instead of just three.

Now like I said, I have to replace my leaky bottle with a proper re-usable bottle (although I am refilling my bought water part way through my day, it’s not recommended to do it often). Now I know that I don’t want the small, convenient bottle. I want a larger bottle that I can fill up with more at once.

Drinking enough water is super important and we know it. I even LIKE water, and I’m talking about just plain old, unflavored H2O. But if tricking our brains helps us to do what we need to maintain better health, then this is really a very simple and kind way to do it.

How much water do you drink? Are you finding you drink more coffee than water? Or do you have a tip to share about how you easily increased your water intake? Leave a comment below!


the simplest way to drink more water busy zen life

The simplest way to drink more water

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3 thoughts on “The Simplest Way to Drink More Water

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  2. Om Kadam

    Awesome post, Sherry. Truly, drinking enough water can provide a whole lot of benefits that’ll help boost overall general health. Thank you for sharing this!


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